Caring Brothers

07 Apr

Today Jason got to take a trip to Dollar Tree. I don’t know why this is an exciting thing, but it sure is to a three year old kid. Well he saw a bug box, his brother has a bug box, he wanted a bug box. He found him one that was purple and said that it was his favorite colour. Purple is my favorite colour too. Then he saw a blue one and got really excited and said that Conner need this one because it was blue. How sweat is that? He was thinking of his brother and found him a new bug box in his favorite colour. He was then talking about catching bugs with Conner. Then when Conner got home and Jason gave him the new blue bug box, Conner got really excited. Then Conner thanked Jason and they hugged each other and they went outside to catch bugs.

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Posted by on April 7, 2008 in General Post


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