At Last (A Desk Job)

19 May

I started a new job two weeks ago. I just had to get out of custodial work to start. I left for other reasons but that is up there. I really needed a daytime shift with the kids, I really needed to start making a better paycheck, and most of all I decided that I needed to look at the future and start thinking about a career. I love office work, I am good at working with people, and, according to my new boss’, I have a wonderful phone voice. I decided to look into a job in clerical or secretarial work. After years of looking for something in customer service it was about time to look at an office job. A lot of people I know have already turned up their nose at being in that work. I can only say this about it. It is office work even if I am not in a high position of power, and in such a position you can work on training, contacts, and experience that can help advance you in this line of work or something similar.

Well anyway, my job is that of Administrative Support Assistant. I am a part of the accounts receivable department in Fire Protection Publications. While doing that job I am also responsible of the duties as a receptionist. I am enjoying my job. I work around great people and my boss’, in my line of command at work, are real nice and have been very helpful. Everyone else I have had contact with there has been just as helpful and acts happy to have me there.

My only real complaint at this time is that I can’t get my notebook online there. They have a highly secure LAN system that is independent of the OSU network, and they have no wireless. Even if I installed the system login software on my computer and brought a CAT5 from home I still wouldn’t be able to get on since they have to approve your hardware on the server first.

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