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I was practically told that I don’t have to worry about my ninety day probation today. My boss likes me and my work. She discussed with me today the things that we need to plan on getting changed when the probational period is over. Things like getting the software I need on this computer, permissions to do more work as well as my current work done more efficiently, and then there was the matter of how much money I should be making. I don’t feel worried in the least about losing this job anymore. There are many things that I need to work on to do my job better as there are still stupid mistakes that are being made.

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No Idea

I have been sitting here looking at the screen wanting to write something but not know what to write. I fixed my car this weekend. Now I am tired. I am going to sleep.

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I am tired of second guessing myself. I did something, rather I didn’t do something that I wanted to do, last night that I found to be quite hard for me to do, or not do. I spent about two hours thinking about doing it though. I made up my mind hours before that not to do it, but still thought for a long time about how I wanted to do it despite of my decision not to do it.

Although this was one of those things that takes a lot of thought. It was something I wanted to do and have done for quite a long time, but I knew that I shouldn’t do now. I don’t know if it would have been a real bad thing to do, in fact I don’t think it would have even been taken as wrong by those involved on the other end. I just don’t think it was appropriate at this time. Maybe one day I will be able to do what I want once more, but for now there are things that I need to stop myself on for other peoples ideas of appropriateness.

One should do what one feels, but at the same time consider how it might affect others.

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