24 Jun

I was practically told that I don’t have to worry about my ninety day probation today. My boss likes me and my work. She discussed with me today the things that we need to plan on getting changed when the probational period is over. Things like getting the software I need on this computer, permissions to do more work as well as my current work done more efficiently, and then there was the matter of how much money I should be making. I don’t feel worried in the least about losing this job anymore. There are many things that I need to work on to do my job better as there are still stupid mistakes that are being made.

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Posted by on June 24, 2008 in General Post


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  1. Jennifer

    June 24, 2008 at 20:13

    That’s common with any job usually. I’m proud and excited for you! Most people nowadays are worried about what they’re going to do as far as a job is concerned. They either don’t know if the job will last, or they hate the job itself. so good on ya duder!


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