10 Jun

Here I go for the first in this series. I also have the most appropriate for this subject. So here I go.


This is the site you need if none other. This site is a lot like others that show you sites out there that other users have found and ask you to look and rate. What makes StumbleUpon different is simple. When you sign up as a user it asks you for a lot of information on your interests. Then it asks that you install a tool bar to your browser, do it. With the tool bar installed you are ready to stumble. This is where you can see what makes it different. On your bar you will have the first three buttons, Stumble!, thumbs up, and thumbs down.

Now ANY site that you are on, you can give it the thumbs up or thumbs down. If you are the first to do it for that site, it will ask you a few questions about the site. The fun part though is the Stumble! button. Unlike other rating sites, how you navigate StumbleUpon is by clicking the Stumble! button. It then randomly sends you to websites that have been rated, and follow your interests in some way. You can also click on the spicific links on the bar. This allows for you to stumble through Wikipedia pages, WordPress blogs, and much more.

This is addictive, and can be a lot of fun. A away to waste a few minutes or hours of time, or descover a new favorite web page. You can even use it to find other addictive sites to post in a blog, but I don’t know anyone that is going to do that. I have found some great things through here.

Oh, if you don’t want an account, or can’t download to your work computer, you can just go to the main site and you will get the top recommended sites, at that time.

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