12 Jun


Do you like to chat with random people online? Of course you do, or at least the idea has come up in your mind.

This is a website that makes all that possible in the best of ways. The concept of this site is that there is not chat rooms or user names, only strangers talking to each other. Once you get to the main site you will see a big blue button that says “Start A Chat” for you to press. That’s it. Press that button and you are magically sent off to a full screen chat with a stranger. It is a one on one chat, with someone else that clicked the blue button. That is it. If you don’t like how the conversation is going you can press disconnect and then start a new chat with a new stranger. The real advantages are that you don’t have to sign up for anything. It is also great that the other person has nothing to track you with. They have no user name or any info, outside what you tell them.

This is very addictive if you enjoy chatting. More so you don’t have to worry about what you say to anyone, because you know nothing about them and are likely never to talk to them again. The only part here that gets on my nerves is the stupidity of others. Like in any chat room you will have the normal questions like, a/s/l and if you are a hot girl, but you will find real conversation as well. The other problem is that conversation seems to always be short. If you take to long to say something or you aren’t saying what they want you to, then they will disconnect. People under these conditions don’t seem to have any patience for others, but I guess that is somewhat the point.

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