Google Moon

16 Jun

Google Moon

Okay, so most everyone that will read this will already know of the existence of this site. It was first popularized by “proving” that the moon is made of cheese. Even if you already know about it, it still deserves a place on here.

The site was is basically the same as Google Earth, but it is about the moon. The moon is a bit more boring and vastly empty than the earth, but without mapping it Google wouldn’t be complete. Although Google does seem to be trying to map and database everything and everyone to somehow create the most complete database of information in the world, some of that can be really fun for everyone. If you have issues with it there are plenty of Google conspiracy websites that you can find by typing “google conspiracy” in your Google search field, built in to all new browsers.

Although they have taken away the full zoom option, that just shows a cartoon-ish cheese texture covering the moon, in order to satisfy the scientific and educational world, I still find this site to be great. It doesn’t fall under the term useless in anyway. It is quite useful in fact, as an educational tool to map where the US moon landings took place or to show the location of the known craters and anomalies on the moon. It can not only be educational but interesting to look at. As with google maps, they have even started something similar to street level. Taking NASA photographs of the landings and working them in so that you can see what the moon looks like. You may have seen these photo’s a thousand times, but it really changed how I saw them when looking at the locational data on a map to compare them to. Technical data can always add, not only to the perspective and understanding of what I am looking at, but also the beauty and dimension of it as well. Then again I may not be normal.

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