Browser Ball

22 Jun

Browser Ball

We are going back to the Chrome Experiment again today. This is a great one from there. I could just add the whole Chrome Experiment website and be done with it, but doing it this way gives me much more to milk.

Browser Ball is fun because it uses multiple windows. This concept is not new. You have a window with a ball inside, you click and throw the ball around and it bounces off the four walls of the window until it comes to a rest. What makes this one different is that if you click on the “Create a Window” button, you will get more windows. You can then place those new blank windows anywhere you want and re size them. When the windows are but together the ball can bounce from window to window.

This one may not sound exciting and may even get old after awhile, but I have had great fun giving the ball obstacles to jump around. I have used multiple monitors and high resolutions to create very intricate patterns. I fully admit to the boredom I was going through at the time, but still found it fun.

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