23 Jun


Do you like reading blogs? Well, if the answer is yes click the link above. is a easy to use blog surfing site. What really makes Condron stand out from the others is its simplicity. I am not a fan of their monetizing methods, but to all their own.

This is just so simple. Follow the link. This works like the scan button on your car radio. Once you get to the site it will start to rotate through blogs. It has controls, like any self respecting radio would, for start, stop, skip and back. The change interval is 6 seconds. If this isn’t enough time for you to decide if you want to stop and read something, you can select a new amount of time. There is also a search so that you can look for a topic or whatever you want to be searching for. It will then start to scan through what it finds in the search. It also has a place for you to summit your blog or to look at the blogroll that it is cycling through, and this allows you to skip on to a place that looks interesting.

I do have an issue with this site though. It is simply how they monetize. You will notice quickly that the sites are not completely random, they are ranked. I do not know the actual ranking method, if one exists, but you can buy into the top. For $2 you can get your blog in the top 100 for a day. This will bring you a lot more business, but I think that maybe not the best way to make people like me happy. Monetizing the featured sites, or another section, would be fine but “top 100” suggest that they are good blogs that people like to visit, not that the person was willing to fork over some money to be there.

I like the site despite my issue, but I do suggest it with caution. It is not only a great way to find more to read, and cool looking blogs that can give you ideas, but it can bring yours some traffic. It is easy to use, looks real nice and goes across any blog site. Most of the good ones stay on the Blogger, LiveJournal, or WordPress sites, this one steps over all those lines and brings you blogs, where ever that may be from.

UPDATE 7-7-09

After re-posting my blog four times in six days I had the busiest month in the last year of this blog being open. That traffic has slowed to almost a complete stop, but for the time proved to be an increase. If you are looking to attract traffic to your site, this page does deliver that. It may only be traffic on a random blog scan, but it is up to you to attract them to stick around. My stuff is more personal which doesn’t attract to much external traffic as I would like, but it can be done with sites like this one.

UPDATE 8-25-09

Just wanted to make a quick note about a name change. has moved to The original links still forward to the new address at this time though.

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