24 Jun

FOUND Magazine

If you have an interest in things that are random. If you are interested in the oddity of how others think and what they do. Then I expect that you already know about FOUND.

FOUND is based off one simple concept. Take things you find, namely list drawings and other paper items, scan them in and upload them to FOUND. Anyone can do this. All you need to do it sign up for an account with FOUND and you are ready to go. This may make this site too involved to be on my addictive list, but I have my reasons for it. First off, if you like the involvement, or like looking at random paper you find, it is so very addictive to want to share it with thousands of people around the world. If you do not have that urge, then you should just spend a minute reading a few. I promise if you go onto the website and just look at and/or read the first ten you come across, you will be hooked.

This site does include pictures and drawings that might be found offensive by some, of lesser intelligence. I recommend that if you plan to spend time on this site that you either do it at home or, if you have to at work or school, look closely at thumbnails before clicking on them for the larger picture.

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