29 Jun


I don’t know how I got past the first week of this run of posts without getting to Make-a-Flake. This is one of the most wonderful wastes of time I have found on the internet. The whole idea here is to make snowflakes.

This site is one of the best things that I have seen. You get a virtually folded piece of paper and some scissors. Unlike when you were little, you can preview your flake and even undo changes. When you are done you summit it, with your name on it, to their flake database. You can also download it in either JPEG or EPS format. If you are not familiar with the EPS format, then you probably don’t need to be, but those that are will be excited about that. You can also annoy others by emailing them the flake. This one is somewhat useless, unless you know what to do with EPS files and can make a use of it, I am talking to you muddypebbles, but it can be all sorts of addictive fun if you just want to cut paper as well.

Now I don’t know about you, but I remember adults coming up with what they think are great ideas for kids that will be all sorts of fun, but most of the time it is more fun for them than the kids. Well snowflake making was to be looked forward to and to get excited about. There is nothing better as a kid than cutting paper up and seeing what it turns into. You know, I will go as far as to say there is nothing better as a kid than cutting paper. I don’t know if it is a normal thing now, but I don’t think I ever grew out of that feeling. I am 27 now, and I still love to cut paper and make snowflakes.

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