07 Jul


Do you have the desire to share and swap random files with complete strangers? Then this site is just what you are looking for.

This site is great. This is simple, you upload a file and as soon as the upload is complete it gives you a random file to download. The file you upload is added to the server for other people to download. These can be any standalone files under 500k. Meaning, nothing with an exe, zip, or other app or system extension, but not limited to pictures, movies and so on. You never really know what you are getting, and since you need not a user name or log in of any kind, this is completely anonymous and free.

I have played with this site quite a bit. The real addiction to this one is not what you are doing, but the anticipation of what you might get. The only thing that fails with this site is thier duplicate files. They don’t want an overload of the same thing on here, so they seem to limit things so that something with the same file name and size will not upload. So, just try not to upload anything with a common name like unknown, other than that you should be good.

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