22 Jul


I do seem to come across a lot of art/design site. I don’t know why since I am not artistic in the least.

myoats is another of these type of sites, but it is cool enough to make it here. Although I would be embarrassed to try and put out an example of what I have made using this site, I have seen what others can do with it and am very impressed.

The site itself and the software behind it is something more I know about. This site in this stage of its existence is doing a few things that many are doing these days. It is becoming very “Web 2.0” in its design and usability. You can just click on create at the top of the page and have at it, but you can also create a user. As a user you can save your creations, look at others and rate them, add favorites to your profile, add or make friends that are also using the site, and so on. The virus that is “Web 2.0” and “Social Networking” is spreading into everything it seems and is not going away. They do seem to be focusing on this networking and trying to make this into a community of artist while providing a platform to create. Just remember that you do not need this log in to use the site.

Now the more important thing is the use of the creator here. This is a very easy to use platform that incorporates several types of drawing software in one. This allows those of you out there that are talented and can do something with this type of thing, to easily make wonderful designs and drawings. Some of what I have seen blows my mind. The controls and settings at first look are very easy to use and control. The more you get into it though you will notice that you can tweak a lot more than you might of first thought. The people that created this software did a great job of beautifully bringing the necessary complexity to a simplistic interface. I like this one a lot and suggest anyone interested to check it out.

As always, I will remind everyone out there and myself, whenever you find or do anything, there is always someone out there that can do it better. This is the best online tool for this that I have used thus far, that does not mean I will not find something else later.

When it comes to the social networking part of this I do have a few things I can say. I do not know anyone else using this service, and since I do not have much use for it myself I don’t plan to do much here. I did sign up for an account to check it out and it seems very well done. The interface seems like I would have thought of if you were to add social networking to Picasa or iPhoto. It is very much focused around the art being created and for that it gets a lot of credit from me. Although it is a very well done site and seems to be getting better, it is still social networking and I am unsure how much more of that I need.

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