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People That Should Be Shot

Now I am not talking about actually shooting people. I want to make that clear. This is about people who annoy me and possibly others. I stole the term of “they should be shot” from someone who I remember saying it, and I have over used it to some degree when talking to my friends. Well someone asked me how long my list was at this point and I realized that I haven’t really kept a list. I didn’t just want to make a list on my computer, that is just creepy, besides it is more fun to share.

So from here you will be able to read my list of people who should be shot. This list will be added to and changed over time. I will be explaining things as I feel necessary. I should also say that I could be guilty of some of these, but I do try not to be. If I am it is in moments, not in constant behavior, and that is all I can expect from others. No one is perfect.

1. People that don’t recognize the most popular music released in their generation, or in their teen years.

2. People that get mad at you when they called you and have the wrong number.

3. People that don’t get a hint and insist in cheering you up when you are angry beyond cheering up.

4. People that have a better story no matter what you have to say. They have ALWAYS been there and then some. (This doesn’t include friends getting together and sharing, that is normal in those situations)

5. People that think the best solution to you not wanting to talk to someone is to talk to them.

6. Parents that don’t have time for their children. Your children are the most important thing in your life. MAKE TIME!

7. Store owners that act like you are wasting their time by asking questions or even just buying something. Why the hell do you own a store?

8. People that perpetuate the use of, and constant growth of, political correctness. GIVE IT A BREAK! I don’t know if I am insulting someone if I say “Hi” at the wrong time of day at this point. Can I please just live and not be rude, and have that be enough?

9. People that think that blogging should be left to those that can write articles in real newspapers or on news sites. This also goes for nobodies that think they are those people.

10. The person that thought it was a good design to have a crossbar over the only access to the spark plugs on my car.

11. The people at AT&T that work with home landlines. They are rude, they give you the run around, and they straight out lie to customers. I even had one laugh while explaining my issue.

12. The people at AT&T wireless for making iPhone users wait for MMS and tethering while they figure out how to make more money for it.

13. People that can’t come directly to you with an issue, but instead go under or above you with the issue, so that by the time it gets back to you there is little to nothing you can do to resolve it.

14. People that think it is the job of all humans to save every part of, and ever life form on, the planet. Yes things change, some die out, some take over, and some go extinct. It has happened since the dawn of time and will happen after we are gone as well.

15. Related to #14. Tree Huggers (as most people know them). No Tink, I am not talking about people who try and turn off a light to do their part, or people who like nature. I am talking about those that tell me I am evil for eating a burger or get pissed off when I cut a tree down that was killing my favorite shade tree. These are the same people who want to save the dumb animal that has no defense to a predator, there for it is rightfully dieing off.

16. Those that use acronyms and there for think that I should.

17. Anyone that was involved with the decisions that resulted in me not getting a raise this year.

18. Whoever decided to change the Oklahoma flag thus choosing a flag that was much harder to explain the meaning of. What was wrong with the red flag with the white star with the blue number 46 inside of it?

19. ER Doctors. Sure they save lives, but they could be nicer about it.

20. The genius that made it illegal to hunt whales in Oklahoma and there for forcing me to hear that piece of trivia from everyone in my life as each person I know finds out about it. Each year someone finds out and wants to share.

21. Those that tell me what kind of music I should be listening to. My music doesn’t always follow the popular trend, how I look, or even correlate with other music I normally listen to. I will listen to what I want, when I want.

22. People that try and place me into a group or category. Anyone that has talked to me enough, or any friends I have, can tell you that is a futile effort. So, STOP TRYING TO DO IT!

23. The Weatherman

24. People that are nice to you, but only when they need something.

25. Whoever came up with “Whitebeards Scroll.” I always have hated that damn thing.

26. People that do more than you need them to and then act like they are on the same level as you when they are not there, or willing to do what it takes to be there.

27. People that want to be involved but are not willing to take the extra step to do what is needed of them in their involvement.

28. The inventors of Bakugan.

29. The owners of car washes that have too many damn rules. All I wanted to DO was clean my truck bed.

30. Whoever designed our local military memorial.

31. Whoever approved for our local military memorial to be built.

32. Anyone that makes a profit off the medication that everyone requires me to take to stay mentally stable enough to hold down a job. I would also have a bigger list by now without those meds.

33. On that note, everyone that requires this of me. I don’t go around telling everyone what they should have to do to keep a job, as long as the job is getting done.

34. Keyboard designers. I type a lot at home and work. Every time I get use to my keyboard someone redesigns the market standard making it hell for me to ever buy a new one.

35. People that ignorantly take factual milestones as historical beginnings. Just because something important happens in no way means that there was no history less important to come before it. In fact, what comes before it can be more important because it allowed that milestone to happen. There is a lot to be learned from the events that lead to the end, and a lot to be lost by ignoring them.

36. People that send spam mail/email. Who can’t agree with that one?

37. People that don’t like you because they think they should or because someone they know doesn’t like you, and there for they treat you badly for no reason other than the dislike of others they like have for you. If you can’t make up your own mind despite those around you, then what part of your personality is actually free thought, or are you just made up of what others have told you that you should be?

38. Those working for the mortgage companies. We need them, but they don’t need to treat us like we are subservient scum for needing a mortgage.

39. People that have the right of way, but because they somehow are driving without knowing the rules, and the won’t go. You don’t want to because if the do and there is a wreck it will be your fault, but you don’t want to sit and what all day for them to just go.

40. Whoever controls the heat and air regulations on campus.

41. People that don’t love gloomy, rainy weather

42. People that call Human Resources for petty bull. This can be out of stupidity or to just get someone in trouble. If there isn’t a real issue, leave HR out of it.

43. Ex’s companions. If you have been divorced this you should agree with this sentiment. I don’t care how things are between me and my ex, I don’t want to her about, know about, see, or think about the ex’s new companion. This person should never talk to me, recognize me, call me, email me, or any other form of communication. Basically I don’t care if they exist, I just shouldn’t ever have to know about them.

44. People that don’t know their place, or just make it up.

45. Whoever made my bear claw this morning.

46. Doctors and hospital administration that are more worried about bed space and malpractice than they are about the patients.

47. People that use the word Atheist to describe a belief or religious view, whether it is to describe themselves or someone else. If you disagree, send me an email or leave a comment, and I will be happy to tell you why you are an idiot.

48. People that can’t just be happy for someone without making some negative out of it. If there is something wrong with what someone is happy about, the best time to let them know isn’t when they are just getting excited about it. Besides, you may not have all the facts and info yet.

49. Those that think that you are only free to be covered by the freedoms of law when you are doing things that they agree with. They are only freedoms if everyone is free to them.

50. ANYONE that wants to push their religious views into my life in whatever way they have decided to do that. Not everyone has the same views as you do and my views are in no way less valid than yours, even if I don’t express mine as much or try and force mine on others.

51. People that won’t keep their opinions, about how others should act, to themselves. Just because you have one view on the “right” way to act during a divorce or before marriage doesn’t mean others agree with you. No one is forced to be around people who act in ways they don’t agree with.

52. The idiot in charge of maintaining my sewing machine so that it wouldn’t lock up the other day while I was patching my jeans. Yes I was the one in charge of this task, and it is healthy to be able to point out your own faults.

53. The person that stole my dog

54. Control freak IT people

55. People that change and are against those that are like they were. The ex smoker that advocates against smoking, the guy in college that had a party every weekend and now try’s to make others feel like scum for having a couple drinks with some friends, or something along these lines.

56.  These idiots that modify their vehicles to be louder. Most of these are even louder than the car could be in initial design. It is stupid and annoying to everyone else. They make mufflers for a reason.

57. Thinking of 56 I don’t want to leave anyone out. These people that modify their vehicles, or pimp them as it is called. I’m not talking about people that make modifications to improve the quality of the ride or to make their vehicle perform better under the conditions that it is used for, I’m talking about these idiots that put 20+ inch wheels on a vehicle that came with 14 inch ones, or paint the car in multiple neon colors, and so on. These are normally the same people that have the loud exhaust mentioned above.

58. One these lines I have one more. These people that put subs in their vehicle that are louder than the idiots in 56 can get to. There is no reason for this. They can’t be doing it to improve the sound of their music, once you get to a certain db the music is too loud for there to be any clarity in the space of a vehicle cab. There is only two reasons for this dumb practice. 1) to reduce the age at which you will loose your hearing or 2) to show off. Neither of these impress me in the least. Loud booming noise that keeps me from knowing what I am listening to is a waste of money and my time. Now if the money was put into smaller speakers and a full range of other accompanying speakers, mid range and tweeters as well as subs, making music that is clear and loud at the same time, then I would be impressed. But hearing the thumbing from a mile away is not an accomplishment, its noise.

59. People that think it is okay to do loud things at midnight outside my apartment.

60. Anyone and everyone that is, or has been, questioning my ability to support me and my children living on our own. If I make it or not, I need to do it on my own, doubting me and expressing that doesn’t help me succeed.

61. Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan. The creators and writers of Glee.


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Ding It’s Up!

Ding It’s Up!

This site is simple in what it does, how it looks, and how it functions. This is simple enough to explain. When there is a website you want to access that is down for whatever reason you can go to this site and they will text or email you when it is back up. They also say that you can do the same for when a site goes down, but I haven’t tried that. It is that simple. Just type in the url of the site you want to track, give an email or phone number, and pick your phone carrier (if you picked the text option). That’s it.

It worked when I tested it out. Can’t hurt to try it out yourself.

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Zig Zag Philosophy

I have no idea what to say about this site. It is amazing, it is useless, it is fascinating, and this all makes it perfect for me to post.

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Buckle Mixer

Buckle Mixer

I can not fully understand why this is coming from the Buckle Inc website. I guess I never thought of that company as ever needing to come up with this sort of thing to put on the site. Really if I don’t need some designer jeans or an over priced accessory, I don’t really put much thought into the Buckle at all.

Anyway, this is really a fun online app to play with. Basically this is a four channel loop mixer. A lot like my last UA post, it is just a series of volume controls, but with this one you have different musical beats instead of nature to choose from. You can choose from nine different selections in each of the four section. All of these geared toward playing together to make your own beat loop track.

This is fun to play with, and I have made a few things that I would actually listen to, even though I suck at these sorts of things. It isn’t as advanced as you would want if you were really trying to do something with it, but there are real apps out there for that. This is just a toy to play with online. I enjoyed myself, so I recommend it.

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Mini Vibraphone Soundboard

Mini Vibraphone Soundboard

This site is not the most correctly named. It is more of a mini environment soundboard, since there is only one channel that has actual Vibraphone sounds. This really is a very simple site, but I love it. It consists of seven volume controls labeled as follows: vibes, rain, thunder, ocean, chimes, songbirds, and gulls.

If you have ever used an environment sound maker, you will recognize the types of sounds that these different controls make. These are repeating sounds that if played at a low volume can alter your state of mind, normally for the better. This on line soundboard allows you to take all seven and control the volume of them. For example, I am currently listening to the site with the rain turned all the way up, with thunder at about half volume, chimes just barley audible, and the vibes just above the chimes. Although, obviously, this isn’t the only combination that you can set this at.

I don’t think anything that might help ones state of mind is ever a bad thing, so I recommend just giving this one a try. Most people will be able to find a relaxing combination for them out of these choices of controls. This is definitely one that I say you should pass along, or just send the link for this post so I can tell them about it.

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