Mini Vibraphone Soundboard

01 Sep

Mini Vibraphone Soundboard

This site is not the most correctly named. It is more of a mini environment soundboard, since there is only one channel that has actual Vibraphone sounds. This really is a very simple site, but I love it. It consists of seven volume controls labeled as follows: vibes, rain, thunder, ocean, chimes, songbirds, and gulls.

If you have ever used an environment sound maker, you will recognize the types of sounds that these different controls make. These are repeating sounds that if played at a low volume can alter your state of mind, normally for the better. This on line soundboard allows you to take all seven and control the volume of them. For example, I am currently listening to the site with the rain turned all the way up, with thunder at about half volume, chimes just barley audible, and the vibes just above the chimes. Although, obviously, this isn’t the only combination that you can set this at.

I don’t think anything that might help ones state of mind is ever a bad thing, so I recommend just giving this one a try. Most people will be able to find a relaxing combination for them out of these choices of controls. This is definitely one that I say you should pass along, or just send the link for this post so I can tell them about it.

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