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Cursor Invisible

Cursor Invisible

So how well do you think you can judge where your mouse cursor is on the screen? Well you can find out really quick with this game. According to some experts, people who use their computers on a daily basis use their instinct for where the cursor should be based on experience more than they use visual tracking. Basically, they seem to know where the mouse is and remember its location more than they look at it.

This game is simple. When you click start you will have a black screen with three randomly placed, and random sized, white and grey circles. You will have three seconds to start clicking the circles before the cursor disappears. After it disappears you the timer will start and the score kept. You get three seconds to click on a circle. If you fail to click on anything in the three seconds or you click on the black space the game is over. My high score is 150 so far.

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