Green Smoke

14 Jun

After my long post from yesterday, I decided to get my review of the different e cig brands and types I have been trying. While I do not plan on just going crazy buying a whole lot of different ones, I did buy a couple before deciding on a brand I liked and do plan to try other brands down the line as new batteries are needed and such.

Now both of the ones I have tried to this point are ones that I found locally. I thought this would be best for finding replacements. Over time I might try to venture to brands online, but for now I like the idea of knowing that I can get my nicotine in a reasonable driving distance from my house.

Green Smoke is actually the first one I tried and then the one I went back to as my current preference. The price was reasonable. I choose not to buy a traditional starting pack and went with more of a battery replacement starter. Came with just the one battery a couple of cartridges and a usb charger. I’m a pretty basic person when it comes to this sort of thing and didn’t see a need for the box, and the card to explain to people what it was, and the different size batteries and all that. If I needed anything more, I can get it later, right now I just wanted to try this the cheapest way possible.

The website is something I checked out right away before ordering anything, as well as different review sites. I don’t want to lock myself into something that will be gone in a month. Knowing that this seems to be a company that is professional, has an easy to navigate site, and product in stock, it helps me be more comfortable with them as a whole. I know that if the place in town that sells them stops selling them I can still get them, although I might have to plan it out better when I have to wait on shipping.

The cartridges come in a several flavors, and while I have tried the different ones, I am not a big menthol fan. The Mocha and Chocolate where not that great either. The one that came with the battery was the Tobacco flavor. This one was ok, someone who tried it said it tasted like apples, but it was just plain to me. It wasn’t really my favorite, but I could smoke it if I needed to. Now out of all of them the Red Label flavor was the one I liked. It has kind of sweet tobacco flavor. This really is the one that I have been drawn back to no matter what I try since I have started.

The cartridges also come in strengths of 0mg to 2.4mg by volume. I don’t understand even using the zero’s, but I tried the basic 1.8mg that came with the battery and it didn’t take me long to decide to move to the 2.4mg. Over all, I am not real happy, or real disappointed, with how long these last. I was a heavy smoker before switching to vapor, so I expected to run these out faster than the estimates. These run out a little quicker than I had expected, but not so much that they aren’t worth it, they are still much easier and cheaper than smoking.

 The battery is where I was really disappointed with Green Smoke. When I got my first battery it kept a good charge for the entire day, had even got to the point that I was forgetting to charge it because of this. Over a short period of time, a couple of weeks or so, the life of the battery really started to reduce. It has seemed to equal out to where it has a good charge until about 6 pm each day, and doesn’t seem to be diminishing anymore than that. It would be nice to have one that went the four more hours in the day that I am awake though, and if I am off work, on a weekend or day off, it doesn’t even last that long. On top of the charge time, the construction seems pretty poor. The cap where the cartridge screws in place seems to be fairly easy to loosen, and has done so on both of the batteries I now own. As this wearing happens the flow of air changes and changes the quality and effectiveness of the puffs you take. I thought that this was just a matter of how I use and abuse the produce at first. I have been told a number of times that I am pretty hard on things, but a friend of mine that isn’t so hard on stuff seems to be having the same issues with these batteries.

While I am really enjoying the Green Smoke cartridges for the Red Label flavor, and I am happy with the dose of nicotine and vapor it provides, the battery is a serious issue. I think all around this one is a good product and I will continue to suggest it to people who live in my area since you can still buy them easily without having to order supplies online, but I have already started my research to find something I can be happier with in the long-term. It only took a small amount of research online to find out what the type of battery Green Smoke uses is called, and to find a list of other companies that use the same type of connections in order to find a company that makes a better product that is also interchangeable with cartridges I can buy locally. I have ordered a starter from one of those and will review it after it arrives.

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