14 Jun

After I started using ecigs, I quickly found myself learning a few things about them that I needed to remember isn’t the same as smoking. The first one was a hard lesson in charging. I was out-of-town, about to head out on the over 2 hour drive home and the only battery for my ecig that I had brought with me was dead. I had also left all ways of charging the battery I had at home. When going out-of-town always take an extra battery and/or a charger with you. Seeing as I was not familiar with the area enough to find a place that sold any form of ecig, it wasn’t looking hopeful for me to find the particular brand I was using. That is until I came across a Love’s, and there I found the Mistic’s and decided it was time to try another brand.

I was actually excited coming across this one, because I had heard about them already. I knew that Wal-Mart had started carrying them, so I knew that I would be able to get cartridges for them locally, when I got back home. Also the price was right. A regular starter pack comes with one battery, two 1.8mg cartridges and a usb charger, all for only $15. I was sold and I got a starter pack on the spot.

When it comes to the Mistic cartridges, there isn’t a lot of choices. They come in two flavors, Menthol and Traditional, and three strengths, 0mg, 1.2mg and 1.8mg. Although I was already used to a 2.4mg cartridge at this point I saw no real issue using the 1.8mg ones. I don’t like menthol, so I have only tried the Traditional flavor on this one. This is where my problem with this brand quickly comes in. The darker, and stronger, flavor of the Mistic’s is ok at first, and actually it was a nice change when I first tried it, but that didn’t last long. It’s a taste that seems to build and doesn’t just go away like the other ecigs I’ve tried. The flavor is even strong enough that I could taste it later on when taking a drink of my soda. I was really disappointed in this because of the taste, and I know that if this was the first one I had tried I might still be a full-time smoker. I do still have this one and still use it as my back up or just for a change once in a while, but I couldn’t use it regularly, it really fails in taste for me.

The battery on this one is a completely different story to the cartridges. I love it. I was stuck with just this brand for a little while and while using it regularly, the battery life was great and charged quickly, the battery seems very well designed and has a good structure to it. After you screw on a cartridge, it always seems secure and well fit to the battery, and there doesn’t seem to be anything that feels, looks or sounds loose about it. It also looks good. Although I am trying to get away from the ones that look like a real cigarette, this one is well designed in how it looks. The charger isn’t bulky right at the usb plug-in, so you can plug it in along with other items without too much concern. I can’t really say much bad things about this battery.

My biggest disappointment in this product was that I couldn’t use the Mistic battery with the Green Smoke cartridges, they are unfortunately a different type. They look the same, but are a slightly different size. I would still recommend this one to someone who goes out-of-town, simply because it makes a good backup despite my opinon on the taste. I keep this one in my car now, if I am ever caught out-of-town and something happens to the batteries or chargers I have, or if I am gone longer than expected and run out of cartridges, I might not be able to find replacements for what I have, but with stores like Love’s and Wal-Mart carrying the Mistic brand now, it is much easier to find what I would need for my backup. Also if someone wants to try an ecig without investing in a better starting kit, which can cost up to $100 depending on brand and what you want, the Mistic is a great option. You get the equivalent of about three packs of cigarettes for $15, which includes everything you need to start you out.

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