21 Jun

This site is great for one reason; after 30 years, I still love playing UNO. I don’t think I need to even explain what UNO is to anyone. Most people already know. It is one of my favorite games, one of the easiest to learn and fun for everyone for any age. I do not even remember getting my first deck of UNO cards, but I know that I still keep a deck around. I would rather someone say that they would like to play UNO than to suggest a poker game.

And UNO is far past the old deck of cards these days. There are all sorts of reimagined ways of playing making the game into more than just a card game. Just do a quick Amazon search and see what all comes up for UNO now days. I am currently using the UNO MOD deck, the addition of the extra MOD cards and an updated look for all the rest, plus I nice hard carrying case.

If you want to get past the old rules that come with the deck, there are a thousands places online of people explaining all sorts of variations on the rules. The variations to the version of the game from Gameloft includes Penilty rules (better known as stacking rules), Jump-in rules, and 7-0 rules. I have seen UNO made into a drinking game, into a gambling game, and so much more. There is an iOS version, but if you don’t have an iOS device, check out the Android version as well. Then you can always have a way to play UNO, even when you can’t have a deck of cards or can’t find someone to play with.

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