22 Jun

Mint is a financial organization website. It is basically designed to keep track of all of your financial accounts online, including your online banking accounts as well as online access to other financial accounts including credit cards, loans, and investments. Basically Quicken, but only using data from online accounts.

While I wish there was more features and the ability to integrate with offline software, I do find this site to be most helpful. I use it as my main financial software, but I might not need as many features as someone paying for something that isn’t free. For me the biggest advantage here is that I do have multiple bank accounts, plus I have school loans and investments and retirement accounts, and this site gives me a quick way to check all of them. I log in, it updates all the accounts, and I have the info I need. When you have multiple accounts, just the time consumption of logging into the separate online banking sites can make things a big headache, and then you have to do all the calculations of how much you have across them and your net worth and so on. Mint gives you one site that puts them all in one place and gives you the charts and calculations you want.

While Mint started out as a separate company, it was later bought by Intuit, so there is some added advantage to output information is compatible with Intuit software, which even if you don’t use Intuit software, most major financial softwares can read Intuit files, plus that shows promise to future possibilities to more Intuit integration.

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