25 Jun

So in my disappointment in Green Smoke batteries, and further trying to find something I am happier with in ecigs, I found in my research the company Bloog. Although all of these electric cigarette companies are starting to seem a lot alike to me, they really are seeming much different at the same time.

I decided to not get a starter kit when ordering from Bloog. Not that there is anything wrong with a starter kit, I just already knew what I wanted, and getting just that was cheaper than a starter kit. If you are just starting out, a starter kit is still the best way to go. In this case I got two batteries, chargers and the sample packs of cartridges. Really I am starting to think that every one of these companies needs a minimalist starting kit for someone like me, some of them do have the “trial packs” but not all of them.

The battery is what drew me to Bloog. They seemed to have a high rating amoung users online that have rated them. Like a lot of companies, Bloog offers their batteries in black with a blue lite tip. This seems to be a very popular design, and I do like the look of it myself. It gives the an attractive look to the design, while moving away from looking like a real cigarette, which is what I really want. Actually, Bloog seems to be all about options. You can get your battery in seven colors (black, white, silver, red, blue, green, purple and pink) as well as a choice between a blue or red tip light. They also offer both manual and automatic batteries, as well as a pass through option. I have only used the automatic ones myself and have prefered them without trying the others. What I do want to get is their three in one, an automatic battery that has a manual button and charges from the tip so you can use it as a pass through. The best part about all of this to me, is that they offer these batteries at a much cheaper price than other companies out there, and at the lowest I have paid so far for one.

After spending a week with the Bloog batteries, I am very impressed. I ordered the regular and the extra long batteries. The regular out lasted my Green Smoke battery, but not by much. Really it could have been just a matter of me taking less puffs on that day. The extra long one has a up and down side. While it lasted all day for me, it is a little longer than I would like. The regular size battery from most companies seems to be exactly the right size to put in my front pocket. The construction seems real nice, I even tried to force one of the batteries to come apart in the way that I’ve seen others come apart, with no luck. They do seem better constructed, keep a good charge and very sharp-looking.

Then there are the cartridges for these batteries. I got the variety packs, but they offer more flavors on their site, than they have in those variety packs. They have two variety packs, the tobacco flavors and the non tobacco flavors. They offer 17 flavors on the website, at the time I am typing this, but the variety packs have just five each. The tobacco has The Last Straw, 555, RY4, SPI and Red, the non tobacco has Coffee, Mint, Grape, Watermelon and Chocolate, as well as unfilled blank cartridges. I have tried all of these now and can say that they are pretty close to what they are supposed to be. They use extracts in making the flavors, so they get a pretty accurate flavor match. I found that with these I liked the Grape the most, while a friend of mine seemed to like The Last Straw and SPI. They also offer these flavors in a wide variety of strengths too. Offering five choices from 0 to 3.6.

What impressed me about these flavors was that they are the same most to all the way through. Other ones I’ve tried, you can tell they are getting near the end of the cartridge to a sour, sometimes burnt out, taste to them. I’ve looked into this and that seems to be an attribute of the flavoring caking to the atomizer during the use of the cartridge. These seemed to just stop without that undesirable part of the ending puffs of the cartridge. Bloog also designs all of their cartridges to be refilled, for those drippers out there. You can save a lot more money than you are already saving by smoking ecigs, by buying the liquid and refilling your own cartridges. Not something that I have done or really been interested in doing, but I do like the fact that this company has made provisions to give just that one more option to their customers. While I was not a big fan of the softer end of the cartridges, that has been designed for easy removal for refilling, I have gotten use to it a lot quicker than I thought I would.

The only down side that I came across after getting my Bloog order was that some of the cartridges did leak. This seems to be the downside to the softer removable tip. While they could solve this by not putting in as much when filling them, I wouldn’t want them to under fill my cartridges at the same time. I do like having the option of filling them myself, if I decide to do so though.

Over all, Bloog is by far the best I’ve tried so far. I did order a sample pack of cartridges from V2, but do not plan to be buying anything but cartridges from them. They are interchangeable with the Bloog batteries and I think I am going to stick with those for at least awhile. I think I will also order some liquid from Bloog and give this dripping a shot.

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