26 Jun

I know nothing about the batteries and accessories by V2, since I did not spend money buying them. V2 is really proud of those, since they seem to charge more than anyone else I’ve tried for all of those items. If I ever do decide to buy anything more from them, I will update this post.

I ordered V2 because of its outstanding rating online by just about everyone. Although I didn’t want to buy another starting kit, so I looked into the company a little more and they are cross compatible with Bloog, which I already own, so I was able to just get the cartridges and see if I liked those. Actually so much about Bloog starts to seem like they either buy supplies from V2, or that they share manufactures. I hadn’t really thought about it until a friend pointed that out, but it almost seems like they get their base parts from the same place if not from each other directly. Being that I like Bloog, this really isn’t an issue with me.

Before even getting into the cartridges, I want to mention the adaptors. Although I was not happy with my Green Smoke batteries, I didn’t want to just chunk them out, they weren’t cheap, but when looking online it looked like I wasn’t going to be able to do much with them. Green Smoke, along with a handful of other companies, use a different thread on their batteries so that you have to use their cartridges with their batteries. Now there are several companies and websites that sell adaptors for different types of batteries to work with different cartridges, most of them seem unclear on whether any of them will work on Green Smoke. V2 sells 2 adaptors and they list exactly which ecig batteries those adaptors work on. I got my adaptors and they work great, been trying both the Bloog and V2 cartridges on the GS adapted battery, and I have had zero issue so far.

The cartridges that I got were well packaged, but this one will be confusing. It’s confusing because I really liked them, but will not be ordering anymore of them at this time. First off they solve the main issue I had with Bloog, providing a similar if not identical cartridge as Bloog but with a hard tip instead of the easy to remove soft tip. I could tell the difference in seconds because none of the cartridges showed any sign of leaking.

We hit my first issue with V2 before even ordering. They only sell 0-18mg cartridges and liquid. I am fine with a 18mg most the time, but like a 24mg around. You can get the 24mg if you order their $225 custom order pack of 100 cartridges. When it comes to flavor, V2 has 10 flavors, and blanks to be filled yourslft. I ordered their sampler pack, which comes with one of each cartridge. After trying all 10 my opinion on them is a little back and forth. I do like the flavors, while I don’t like how some of them taste, they all do have flavors that seem to be the what you are expecting. A couple of them don’t taste exactly like what I was expecting, but good for what they say it is. This goes for the flavors I didn’t like either, that alone isn’t saying I didn’t like their cartridges, I just don’t like some flavors, no matter who makes it. That said, the flavor in all of them was more subtle than Bloog, but I didn’t get that sweet taste, especially in the fruiter flavors, that I was hoping for. The Cherry flavor alone was really my favorite and a reason to use V2, I just wish it was a little less subtle and sweeter.

To say that I will never come back to V2 is most likely a lie. While I was not impressed enough with their cartridges to switch to a V2 only, die-hard, user, they do still make a lot of accessories compatible with Bloog that I might be looking for later on. Also they make adaptors and make it clear which adaptor fits which cartridge.

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