Day Three

29 Jun

In some ways this was the hardest and easiest day so far. I felt the most like having a cigarette today than I have had before. Came really close to getting a cigarette off of someone else, and was even offered one by a friend that I hadn’t told about these posts, and I turned it down. Although I did find myself trying to justify taking it. “It’s not like on will hurt me”, YES IT IS IDIOT! That’s what I had to tell myself every time I started justifying reasons to go get a pack or get just one cigarette off someone yesterday. Found myself thinking about both.

The physical pains are gone. My body seems to have adjusted to the fact that it isn’t getting all that junk and is getting nicotine from a different source. I am still tired, but that not as much as I was the last couple days. Other than the fact that I am sitting here thinking about if it would really be a big deal if I didn’t smoke a whole cigarette, but just took a drag off someone Else’s, I’m doing pretty good.

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