Day Four

29 Jun

I had decided to do these post to document my feelings about not smoking for the first seven days, but I think I am running out of material to talk about. After getting past yesterday and beating myself up for wanting to buy a pack of real cigarettes, I seem to be doing ok. I am not overly wanting a cigarette now, but I think wanting one never goes away, its controlling not having one that you have to do the rest of your life. I guess I could explain my plan for quitting and how its working. Some of this might already be covered in another post, but in that one I went into much more detail.

After the idea was presented to me by my 10-year-old, yes my 10-year-old came up with the initial plan, I, with his help, came up with a plan for me to completely quit. This plan is in three steps. Step one is to quit smoking by switching to an ecig replacement. Step two is to cut the nicotine back by slowly over time cutting the nicotine levels in the ecig itself, starting at the highest trying to go to zero. Step three is after I have been using zero long enough to be fully broken of the nicotine addiction, to stop using the ecig.

Step one was implemented in a very useful and creative way, again planned with help of a 10-year-old that I am not only proud of buy amazed by when he shows me how smart he really is at times. This step is implemented by instead of going cold turkey on quitting cigarettes and just starting ecigs, to instead slowly introduce the ecigs into my smoking routine. First to replace the most frivolous cigarettes with an ecig. This is like the extra cigarettes you smoke while socializing, or waiting for someone or watching tv, the cigarettes that are basically smoked to give your hands something to do and fill in time. After that becomes a simple part of the routine, you move on to the hourly or every other hour smoke, then to the one you have a break and then the extras during your lunch hour, you move to replace each cigarette you have in a day with the ecig, but slowly so you have time to adapt to it. Until you get to where I was four days ago, I smoked just the ecig all day, except for the 4-5 cigarettes that I HAD to have, the ones an ecig didn’t replace, my morning smoke, the one after meals, the one in the car to and from work.

Everyone that smokes has these one or two or ten a day that are like the staples in smoking, the rest don’t really matter, most of those are because they need the nicotine or just need to fill the time. These are the ones that you want, the nicotine doesn’t as much matter although it needs to be there. So these are the ones I put down four days ago.

This was really the most important step. Step to takes time and step three my never happen, and the reason why is simple. The hardest part for me to quit is that I like smoking, more the action than anything. If I can do the action with minimum harm to myself and no harm to anyone around me, I don’t see the problem with spending my time and money doing it.

Step two is a must to a point but I am still questioning it. As it stands I had to start with the highest amount of nicotine in order to make up for both the amount I was smoking, and to be able to feel the nicotine when I was stressed about not smoking. I have already reduced to the next level down, what is called “strong” by most companies, and I think it will be an easy transition to go to “full.” That really is my current goal. To be using “full” cartridges in flavors that do not taste, or remind me of the taste of, cigarettes. I understand why someone who smokes because they like that taste wanting it, but I, while liking the taste, am just reminded of the fact that I am not smoking when I am using something that tastes like smoking.

I am going to attempt next month to order my cartridges in the “full” strength and will only be ordering them in non tobacco flavors. That is the goal for the rest of this year actually, to stay on that for a sustained amount of time, long enough that I can safely say I wouldn’t pick up a cigarette in a tight spot. Then in the new year, assuming we are all still alive after the end of the world comes, I will re-evaluate and either continue to follow to step three and quit ecigs, or I will just continue as I am at that point. Between then and now it is possible that I will just use the ecig less and less, but I am not going to actively try for that, nor will I claim to be doing it.

Ideally I would like to have a ecig, with regular or full cartridges, that I just have around and use on occasion. The difference being that I am not using it regularly, not a cart a day or really counting, but more of I might use it more when needed, or not if not. But that is ideal conditions and I am defiantly not there yet, and the reason for steps two and three are in case I am not able to ever get there and it looks like it might be best if I just quit completely.

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