Day Six

02 Jul

Day six was going really well to be honest. I didn’t think about not smoking much or really try to get cigarettes. When I was at the store, one of the regular cashiers that had been gone for a while, grabbed a pack before ringing me up, and I didn’t want to stop him, but I did. Really this day was more on the upside of this yo-yo. I felt good most of today.

The problem I ran into was that my order for ecig cartridges is late coming in, and I ran out of carts at home. I guess you can say that I was forced into finding out how I can really handle not smoking and not getting nicotine all at once, and I surprisingly did a lot better than I thought I would. I didn’t panic as much and didn’t worry about it either. I was nerves all day, and I was really hoping that the order would be on my desk tomorrow morning, but I didn’t really feel like running to get a smoke in a worried panic.

I do know that while I haven’t been feeling the strong urge to smoke, nor, even without the ecigs today, I haven’t been going nuts, but I have been a bit touchy and luckily no one really called me today. I got left alone on the day I felt I needed to be left alone, that is an amazing thing that never really happens in life, at least not mine, so I feel great about it.

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