Prep for Step Two

05 Jul

So after a lot of thought about it, and encouraged by the results of quitting smoking, I have decided to move on to step two. Step two is to reduce then eliminate nicotine intake completely. This is the step I am still not looking forward to, simply put its hard and scares me to try it. Just reducing the nicotine last time was a bitch and I don’t know about taking it in half then getting rid of it completely, but I am going to give it a shot. Why not, as long as the result of failure or set backs is just more nicotine in the ecig and not cigarettes, then I at least wont feel as bad about it.

So I am going to do this I need to plan for it. I have less than two weeks worth of ecig carts at home, I have decided to not order anymore than those for now. I do not want to cut completely off nicotine until the ninth, that is my fourteenth day without a real cigarette. Lets get past step one before starting step two, after all I am doing this in steps for a reason.

After some research into it, I have decided to make my own liquid to refill my carts, and then eventually have to buy blank carts to fill. I decided to fill my own because the ingredients needed to make the base liquid can be made from a trip to Walmart very cheaply. Vegetable glycerin is the main ingredient in most of the ecigs I’ve tried, and you can get that at Walmart for $5 for 6oz. Then there are a lot of different ideas online for flavoring it. The only ingredient more needed is the nicotine solution, which I don’t need if I’m going nicotine free, or at least trying to.

I will first use up the carts I have used, which won’t be completely dry. Refilling them with a non nicotine solution will not make them nicotine free since there will be left over nicotine in the cart already. Granted, there won’t be a lot, but I am hoping that if I do not suck the carts dry, but use them until they pass their peak and then start topping them off with my nicotine free liquid, I will cut the nicotine liquid down not just pushing it out. Making it so that I have a slow phase each day of getting more in the morning and less as the day goes on. Then slowly I will be rid of the nicotine completely. When the current carts run out I will order new empty ones.

This sounds like it will take a long, but no, I plan to start topping off carts right away at night and using  new ones during the day. Start phasing now, but a lot stronger than on the ninth when I will do the phase more aggressively. I will start a daily count and record my progress as soon the after I use my last pre-filled cart and am only using refilled carts, or self filled blanks.

I do want to say this, I have never successfully quit nicotine completely. Although, until a week ago, I had never gone more than two days without a cigarette since I started smoking, so I am hopeful, but I am not at all lying to myself or making proclamation to my inevitable success. I am going to try, and I am going to give it my all, and if I do fail, then I fail and I regroup and try again at another time, but I know I will never get there if I don’t try.

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