Day Fourteen

09 Jul

This is it, the magical fourteenth day, I didn’t actually think I would get to this point. Even at day seven I was having my unexpressed doubts. I call this the magical day, because I have always been told that it takes two weeks to break a habit. Now this doesn’t mean that I will never have another craving for a cigarette, it just means I made it to the day I had set for myself as a goal to know that I had the ability to not smoke.

It really hasn’t been easy but I am slowly getting use to it. The hardest part is how boring some things are when I am not smoking. I was doing laundry the other day, usually I will go outside and have a couple of cigarettes between loads, but instead I found myself bored and watching the machines spin. I am sure in time I will find things to do and things to focus on other than the fact that I am not smoking, but I am glad to say that, while focusing on the fact that I am not smoking, I am also not driven to break down and buy a cigarette, or even ask someone I see smoking for one.

When it comes to the ecigs, which have been my main source of fixing cravings, I am really happy to see that my habit in using them has become different from smoking cigarettes. While I was sitting in the laundromat bored, I was thinking about smoking, but I didn’t quickly run to the car and grab my ecig. The ecig allows me to have something to fill in when I have an oral or nicotine craving, but I just don’t have that same absolute desire to make sure I am using it, like I had with smoking. Not that I hate it or am giving it up right away either, currently I am working with my friend John to mix our own flavors and reduce the amount of nicotine I am taking in for a later goal.

For now I think this goal has been destroyed. I am setting a new goal of one month from today.

  • Weekly check ins.
  • I will wrap it up on August 9th with a final post on smoking.
  • This goal is to continue to not smoke and try to work on distractions to the cravings I am still having.
  • To continue to use the ecig, but reduce the amount of fluid I am using. It will be a lot harder to judge how much fluid I use since I am changing to filling my own carts in about a week, so I do not have a basis for the criteria yet, but I will soon.
  • Finally, to spend $150 or less on ecigs in the next month and have a plan in one month to reduce that more.
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