Weight Loss Plan

10 Jul

Well I gave me a week to do this but I came up with it already, so why waste any time.

It really didn’t take long for me to figure out what I needed to do in my first goal for losing weight and getting in shape. I just had to finish my day and see what I was doing and realize that most of it was wrong. I really needed to realize what I needed to motivate myself not to do more than what I needed to motivate myself to do.

My biggest mistake in my day-to-day is what I eat and drink. It’s almost amazingly unhealthy for me. I drink about four to five Dr. Peppers and then about any food that you can describe as unhealthy each day. I consume enough sugar to kill three diabetics and enough animal fat to kill four vegetarians all in one day. If I don’t get enough food, which is more than I should be eating in the first place, I eat enough salty fried snacks to kill a gallon bucket of slugs to make up for it between meals. Now I am sure I am exaggerating a little, but it’s how I feel.

I have decided that is where I need to start with my goals. I am going to set my starting date with some food related goals to start me out. Now, I also need to exercise a little. I do get a bit lazy at times and probably need to do a little more than I am doing. I also seem to make excuses to get myself out of it, so I am going to set some light goals there that I know I can stick to. I have to also keep my back issues in mind, since I don’t want to make my back hurt any worse, since its doing that enough on its own these days. So here is the starting two-week goal.

I am setting my starting date on July 16th and I will be using my weight based on the weight each night in my sweats as I am getting ready for bed, taken at the same time on the same scale. I will be using the Nike Running app on my phone to track walks and a notepad to track everything else. The goal is ten pounds for now.

  • Starting day one, I will post a daily update for the first seven days and then decide on the seventh if I will do daily or weekly from there
  • I am going to walk at least one consistent mile each day, allowing myself two days off a week for the first two weeks
  • Thirty minutes each night, following my walks, doing other exercises of my choosing
  • I am only going to be allowed two Dr. Peppers a day, three on weekend days
  • Zero snacks. If it is not in a meal, I can’t have it
  • Bye, bye chocolate. My good friend, we have to just not see each other for a while.
  • No alcohol, period
  • Reduce, over the two-week the amount of food I eat in one meal, no more double anything, I need to quit being extra-large so my food has to stop too

On the food itself, after much thought I decided I will not be changing it very much right now. Like the fact that I am just reducing the Dr. Pepper not getting rid of it, I don’t think I will stick to this if I am just eating lettuce and water. I need to get in these other routines and learn to get in these habits first, then we will talk about food changes.

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