10 Jul

Well this is one that really should have been one of the earlier blog posts to get put on. Actually I think it was part of another post that was part of the mass amount of posts that I recently removed. Anyway, I want to say lots of nice things about this site.

Before coming before coming to WordPress I moved around trying different blog sites. While a lot of them have their advantages and disadvantages, most of them have that disadvantage that really makes me not want to use them. WordPress was a wonderful surprise when I came across it. The treatment to the free users, like myself, is just as professional than it is to the paid users, like a friend of mine. I am talking about in customer service and in contacting WordPress with any issues or suggestions. I think a huge deal for me was that you can contact WordPress with issues or suggestions. If you look around for how you do that, you will first find that it isn’t like a 800 number that is given on the front page, they take you through some step by step trouble shooting first, followed by forum support first.

On top of treating everyone on their service with respect no matter the volume of traffic of their site, they also provide a great site. It is also very easy to use. Learn how to get to your dashboard and then everything starts to get easier from there. From posting and formating, to designing your page, to tracking your stats, it’s all pretty simple, and always seem to work.

While I wish I could afford to pay for some of the paid site pre formates, there are enough free ones that I rarely think too much about it. All in all, it’s the best blog site I have seen and I love using it myself. The features and service are vast and this small post will never do them justice. I recommend just signing up for a free account and see what you think, you don’t like it then cancel and you are out a free subscription.

They also have the paid subscriptions and the downloadable software to make major changes to yourself and upload to your own URL server. That is something that you can really do a lot with to build off the amazing web design that they have made here, but I don’t know much about it since I have never paid for it to find anything more out.


I wanted to correct myself on a couple of things. The downloadable software at doesn’t cost anything, it is the cost of the hosting and domain that you would have to pay for doing it yourself, not to mention the time consumption of putting it all together, and the cost of add ons and themes. Also, I am happy with the free version, but if you have reason and can afford it, the premium service on is great, I am just really happy with someone else maintaining the software and codes and using the well put together free side of WordPress. Seeing that I have an average of one view per day, it is just what makes the most sense to me. If I get more readers at some future point or just have enough money to make my site look better, than maybe it will be something I do.

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