My Body Hates Me

13 Jul

Inspired by a comment I made today to a friend, I really am starting to think my body hates me. In preparation to my new goals starting in a few days, I started drinking more water, taking vitamins, and drinking vegetable juice. I didn’t want to jump in and start cutting stuff and walking more and all that without a base to start from.

To put it bluntly, I feel horrible today. I am starting to think that my body hates me. In the last month I took away its cigarettes only leaving it with a small amount of nicotine, and now I am starting to take away its soda, caffeine, and fats and replacing it with water, pills and liquified tomatoes. Now I think it is trying to kill me for my efforts. If anyone knows what I can do to make this go away, I would be up for some advice at this point.

I will make this as part of a progress report, even though it is a little early. I have been drinking four Dr. Peppers a day and a lot more water. I haven’t been counting bottles, but I know I have refilled this one a couple of times today. I have been using Mio water flavors, since I do not like drinking water. I have also started a multi vitamin and dug out my track pants, so I can be red and black and feel stupid while I walk. I marked out walking points from my place on my phone; .5 miles, .75 miles and 1 mile. I do feel bad for the boys though, they have to smell me when I get back home from walking, poor kids.

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