Day 1 Weight

16 Jul

So here I am on day one. Not ever really a lot to report on progress at the start of the first day, but there is some to say about the progress leading up to it.

Last week I started to work towards today by reducing soda, drinking more water and changing a few dietary parts of my day. I will admit that I had a couple donuts, some ice cream and even some pizza last week. I guess you can call it my farewell to good friends for a while. I started a one a day vitamin to help supplement my bodies needs, and I really don’t like blacking out and that has happened due to not having certain ones of those that I needed while working out in my past. I also found and washed my track outfit that dad bought me over the winter. I will be looking forward to looking all red and black today when I go for my first walk. Funny thing is, I will feel like I am those colors when I get back, so it works.

So to start out, I weighed in this morning at 258 pounds! That will not do at all. This is why its time to make a change.

I was going to do a belly measurement, can’t find the cloth measuring tape. I might have to go get a new one.

As of this morning, I have not excessively eaten anything, or gone past the two Dr. Peppers I’m allowed on a weekday. Really its hard to report that stuff on the start of day one since I haven’t been awake long enough to drink that much soda yet, although I am drinking number one right now.

I want to make two changes to my goal right now.

First is to add 30 minutes of exercise on work days at work. Be it stretching or whatever, while at work. I need to stay active most of the day, it seems stupid to sit around all day then try to kill myself for a couple of hours at home afterwards. This doesn’t include any walking or exercise already included in doing my job.

I am not allowing myself the use of elevators at work, also not to drive from building to building instead of walking on errands. These are two things that I do when at work that I can change to add a little more activity in my day. I will add that I can take an elevator or drive if my knees or back hurt enough that not doing so will cause me more pain, it would be stupid to follow this rule if it damages me.

For this first week I am going to change the two sodas to three. This may be me backing down, but I am not going to do anything I don’t think I can do, and if I don’t make this change I will not follow this plan. I am simply changing it to one with each meal for now.

Last, I want to clarify on the chocolate. I eat dark chocolate and don’t plan to change that. I eat a small amount on a regular basis, and when I say dark I mean dark. What I am cutting out completely is milk chocolate and chocolate flavored stuff. Like candy bars and such.

That’s day one, I will return for day two and my first round of complaints of hurting from exercise tomorrow.

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One response to “Day 1 Weight

  1. fatgirlphd

    July 16, 2012 at 14:23

    Well done – day 1 is always the hardest but stick with it and you’ll definitely get there :) I look forward to reading more about your journey!


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