Day 2 Weight

17 Jul

There are parts of my body that I forgot can hurt, and I don’t feel like I even did much yesterday. I weighed in this morning at 255, and yes I changed when I weigh in to in the morning instead of at night, yesterday was a morning weigh in too.

I don’t think I lost three pounds in my first day, if that was the case I would be able to sell this diet I am not on in a second. What I do think the case is, is that I didn’t eat dinner. From what was likely a combination of reduction in nicotine, reduction of caffeine and a lot more exercise than this out of shape man is use to, caused me to be tired enough that, shortly after taking my shower after my workout yesterday, I passed out. I’m not skipping meals, I just passed out before I got a chance to make one.

A walk through of my first day was simple, and it is amazing how hard it really was on me. I woke up as normal and instead of grabbing a soda to take my morning pills and vitamins as usual, I grabbed some water. This already was something that made my day harder. I’ve been tired everyday since I quit smoking earlier this month, but that had nothing on skipping my caffeine. By the time I got to work the headache everyone talks about had already set in. I had a cookie and a soda at my desk for breakfast, remember I am not changing my diet yet, just reducing the bad until I get use to the changes, and the headache was quickly gone. My day at work went as normal, just I drank water the rest of the day instead of soda. At lunch I ate with my mom and 10-year-old, and had a hamburger and a handful of fries with my second soda for the day, I tried to cheat at this point by refilling my drink before heading back to work. Something tells me that I wasn’t suppose to do that since when I got to work I dropped my drink and then spent time at work cleaning up my mess caused by me trying to cheat.

The real change in my day started when I got home. Got a t-shirt and my track pants on and headed out for the first of my daily walks. I had intended to try to go for 2 miles on my first day, but I had my 10-year-old with me on this first walk. He is not in the best shape either right now, since he doesn’t exercise either, and he started to give up at the halfway point for 1 mile, and so that is where we turned around. In total we made it 1.16 miles before getting home and resting. I drank my veggie juice and rested before taking him to my parents for the night. When I got back home, and I know that not having a break in the workout would be better, I finished my crunches. For the record, that was 50 crunches. Then I drank my third soda for the day, which tasted wonderful. Something about an ice-cold soda after a workout in 100 degree weather is just great.

Then I went in to take a shower. A shower has never felt so good. I got out and thought I would lay down and rest before making some food, and then I woke up this morning. I don’t think I over did things, I just have a lot going on that my body isn’t adjusted to yet.

This morning I woke up early, likely because I went to sleep early, and I feel like I made a mistake. I know I didn’t, I just don’t like hurting this much. I didn’t eat, my legs and arms are sore, and I am not sure if it is the crunches or the skipping dinner that has caused this pain in my torso, but I will be eating breakfast in about an hour and will know which at that point. I do feel good about making it through all this though. I just have to stick with it. Quitting smoking was hard, walking a couple of miles a day shouldn’t be too bad.

I know that there are a few new people reading this, if you have any advice or comments, please let me know. Anything you have to say is welcome.

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