Day 3 Weight

18 Jul

What a great day I am having this morning. Just wish everyone could have heard the tone of sarcasm in my voice when I said that. First of all, while my water, oat bar and one cookie made a great breakfast, insert rolling of eyes here, I am hungry, and I want my Dr Pepper, but it is too early still for my first one. Plus, despite getting plenty of sleep, I am tired, which brings me back to wanting my Dr Pepper.

I’ll get this out-of-the-way first. I weighed in at an amazing 156 this morning, a great one pound more than yesterday, so I just didn’t take a picture of it and am just adding yesterdays picture again, no change same picture. For reasons I will explain in a minute, I only walked .8 miles and didn’t do my daily exercises at home.

Yesterday I started doing “office exercises” while at work. I looked these up and I didn’t think it would be that big of a deal, but some of them really cause a burn. The best of them is the elevated push up. basically doing a push up from a table or desktop when you are in an area that you just can’t get on the floor. the areas I have to try this are pretty tall so I didn’t think it would add up to much, with enough reps, and putting as much of your weight into it as possible, it really is a workout, although you might look odd doing it. The rest of the ones I was looking into are more stretches and other exercises that keep you active and from getting stiff at work, which are great too.

Let’s talk about the failures of yesterday. While I only had the three allowed sodas for the day, and I had my oat bar for breakfast and a ham sandwich for lunch, it all went downhill after work. Now I walk quite a bit already, it isn’t like I am adding an extreme amount of walking to my day here. I have added a mile or so of constant walking to my regular day. Now I don’t know if I over did the speed of that walk the first day, or if I am wearing the wrong shoes, but something is wrong. I left my apartment yesterday evening planning on a 2 mile walk. I had done 1 mile the first day and it just seemed like I could go a lot further. So, I am about a tenth of a mile out and I start feeling a small pain in my ankles. This pain got worse until I got to about a quarter-mile when it just started feeling like someone was hitting my ankles and calves with a hammer with each step. Now I am walking outside, so no matter how far I walk I still have to walk back, and I am starting to get a little worried. I made it to just under the half mile, I could see where I turned around the day before, when I decided that I just couldn’t take it. I started to go through my mind thinking of who I could call to get me home if this got worse. By the time I could see my apartment building again my calves were numb and my ankles were starting to get there. When I got home I had to shower but it was hard to stand, and it was in the shower that I noticed that my ankles were swollen and my calves were squishy, I don’t know a better way to describe it, other than squishy.

I don’t know what went wrong. I ended up in bed the rest of the day in pain from a small walk I had just taken. This morning they still feel sore and I don’t think I will be able to go on my scheduled walk. I would be less confused if I had made a three-mile walk before this happened, but less than a mile, what the hell is that? There are days that I have to walk a mile to get my job done, not often, but it happens. I don’t remember this ever happening. I was starting out with a mile out of concern that my knees, which I do have problems with, would start to hurt with the consistent walking. I never imagined my ankles would have any issue.

I don’t know if I should work through this pain or if I should take a break or even talk to a doctor. I know that if I need to work through it I should go to the work gym for a while so that I am not stuck walking a mile back if it gets really bad, but it’s still hurting today. If I give myself an excuse to take a break for too long, it will be that much harder to stick to it.

My failures wrap up with eating pizza last night, it was in the freezer and I ate it. I really like pizza, but I put it on the list of things not to eat this two weeks, and eating it while hurt and not able to move around has to be worse.

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