18 Jul

Nike+ is a workout tracking site. It works by using different Nike+ products to track your workout than uploading the data from your device to the website. I have two different devices/products that I use. I have the iPhone Nike+Running app, and my Nike+iPod device. The reason I use both is that I love the GPS app but it doesn’t work if you are standing still. They also have a host of many different devices from watches to mobile apps, wrist bands and things you put in your shoe. They also range in priced based on what they are capable of doing, from the $0 for the mobile app on the iPhone to $250 for the Nike+Basketball shoes. It’s all about what you want and need from the device you are getting. I would like to have the Fuel Band, which is $150, that tracks your activity and heart rate all day, but I just can’t afford it right now. The website itself is free, it just doesn’t do much without the devices though.

The +iPod device is the first I started with. Basically it is a high-tech pedometer. You put it in your shoe, Nike+ ready shoes have a pocket under the laces or in the soul of the shoe for it, and you just walk. It tracks your steps and motion and sends that data to the app that comes pre-installed on all new iPods and iPhones over bluetooth. you walk a distance that you know the measurement of the first time using it, and you use that distance to calibrate your software and you are good to go. It has different settings for walking and running. After your run you give some info about were you walked and how you feel, then it uploads it all to the Nike+ website. During your workout you can also set it to give you different reminders on time or distance, and even set which playlists will play while working out and even powersongs for set moments in the workout.

The +Running app works about the same as the +iPod device, except it uses the iPhones built-in GPS and location software instead of a device in your shoe. You have all the same choices and preferences, and you make the same selections at the end before uploading to Nike+, just it gets the information differently. What I like about this device more is exactly that. I do more of my walking outside, and this device gets a GPS location at set amounts of time, so it not only can calculate how far I’ve gone and how fast I’m going more accurately, but it does so without me calibrating it. Also, it allows it to do a lot more. It collects and stores all that data, so when you get on Nike+, you can see on a map where you walked and what your speeds were along your trail, as well as the elevation you are at along the trail so you know if you were going up or down hill at the time. I really wish that they integrated the +iPod device to work with the +Running app on the iPhone, so that I could use just one app if I was walking outside or on a treadmill, but for now I will just use both. Now the site and the app both say the app is good for inside and on a treadmill, I have used the built-in feature of +Running for using it on a treadmill as a pedometer, and it is always farther off than the +iPod sensor ever is, just to be clear.

What I really want, like I said already, is a Fuel Band. The Fuel Band fits on like a watch and pretty much tracks you all day. It has an accelerometer instead of a pedometer, so you put it on and it tracks your movements all day collecting data on how active you have been and whether you were sitting around, working out, walking or running. It gives you a read out on how the calories you have burned in that day, the number of steps you have taken or the time, since you will be wearing it as a watch. It syncs with its own section on Nike+ and has its own tracking software for the computer or the iPhone. I do really want one.

These are the ones I have or have looked at. I recommend anyone with a iPhone or Droid to download them. They are free what can it hurt. If you like what you see, you can do what I am doing and save up for the more expensive daily and workout specific gear they sell. If you do make it on there, look me up, my user name is BlaXilver. I just started over and cleared my data, but I am there.

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