Day 4 Weight

19 Jul

Day 3 Stats

  • 255 Pounds
  • .6 Miles Walked
  • 50 Elevated Push-ups
  • 50 Crunches
  • 2 Sodas

As you can see by my new bullet-pointed progress idea, I have not lost an ounce, but I am not upset or discouraged, after all this is only day four. What isn’t pointed out there is my eating which is my focus today. Really its my only real focus when thinking about anything, because I am hungry.

While I did decide not to change my diet only to reduce what I eat, I did make a couple of changes. In the morning I eat one cookie and an oat bar, at lunch I eat a ham sandwich and a glass of V8, then at dinner I eat what I normally would, with a cookie and small bowl of ice cream for desert. Put simply, if I brought those cookies in my house under normal conditions they would have lasted about two, maybe three, hours. Now they are lasting over a week. Whats missing, or should I say changed, is things like donuts and sausage rolls for breakfast, fast food of all sorts or god knows what for lunch. That’s not even to mention the chips and jerky and other snack foods I might have at work to keep me through the day. Now I am not always snacking at work, but I do it enough that it needed to be cut.

While at home is bad enough I’m starting a new paragraph just for it. Things like sitting on the couch watching a movie with a bag of chips and a bowl full of dip, for an early dinner. Now if that’s what I have, I would surly need a peanut butter and jelly before bed, and we won’t even go in to the number of cans of soda needed to wash all that down. Favorite dip chip combos include, Ruffles originals with either Tostitos quaso or Tostitos ranch dip, Frito Scoops with either mild salsa or cottage cheese. Although Making a bowl of chili and covering it with salsa and cheddar cheese and then using that as dip for, well any chip, but mostly the Frito Scoops, is great too. When it comes to ice cream I really only need the carton and a spoon, no need to dirty a bowl over the ordeal.

I think we are all getting the idea. I don’t eat good things and I eat too much of the bad when I eat them. This is what brought me to this conclusion to just leave out some things out. Everything listed above has been cut from my diet, except for the ice cream. For some reason I have enough self-control with ice cream that I don’t feel like I need to cut it, and I do need a regular source of dairy and sugar in my diet. I might later on change to a frozen yogurt or custard, but for now ice cream is fine. Also, I am not having seconds or large portions of what I am eating, just one serving and I move on.

Really this boils down to me being hungry, all the time. Not that I am not eating or trying to starve myself, but because I am only eating reasonable amounts and proper meals instead of all the junk in between. Eating in excess and then snacking between meals is just so easy, and it’s really hard to stop doing it. Also, I have started early on trying to cut soda off. As you can see I only had two yesterday instead of the allowed three, so we will see where that gets me.

When it comes to working out I can say that everything there seems to be going well. I tried to do a regular push up and I think I could have taped that and put it on YouTube for a million or so hits. Lets just say I am sticking to the elevated ones for now. I am going to look up weight exercises and experiment with that a little. That could affect my weight loss, but I only have a limited amount of weight to work with at home, not like I will be working with body building equipment at a gym yet.

So walking, yeah. I think I am going to be taking a break on that for a while. Yesterday I went to Wal-Mart and found myself some good cheap walking shoes that fit good and sized right and had cushion and all that. Then I went a walking. Now I felt sore most of the day from the disaster on Tuesday, but I decided I needed to see for myself if this was a one time thing or something I needed to work through. The answer is simple enough, no. The new shoes helped a lot. Even though they are cheap Wal-Mart shoes, I took the time to find what I needed and that they worked and fit right for what they were going to be used for, and it really made a big difference. Not a big enough of one though. While I didn’t have nearly as much pain in my ankle as I did the day before, my calves felt like I was ripping them apart after a short time. I had only set out to start the walk around the neighborhood block though, so I got home fairly quickly. The pain wasn’t nearly as bad as it was the day before, but it lasted a lot longer after I quit the walk, so I decided to just give it a break. My ankles and calves feel sore right now and I am not even doing anything, so it is best to take a break. I would rather break my goal for this week than make it impossible to walk for a few more weeks by injuring myself.

I am going to end this by saying that if you are planning to walk, especially if you are looking for fast paced walking like I was trying to do when I caused all this pain, go get the right shoes first. Don’t listen to anyone when it comes to looking for them either. Go to the store and put a shoe on and walk a little in the store wearing it. Make sure your foot fits snug in the shoe side to side, front to back. You don’t want it to be too small cutting off circulation harming blood flow, and you don’t want them loose causing rubbing burns, blisters and discomfort, find one that fits snug and feels right. WALK IN THEM! My walk is different from yours. When I take a step in a shoe it might feel like the perfect shoe ever, but feel unnatural and horrible to you, so walk in them and make sure they are what you need. Make sure they don’t rub against your skin or come loose anywhere. Don’t think that cheap means worse. I will give you that my best pair of Nike shoes that cost an arm and a leg out lasted all my other shoes to date, but I can buy ten pairs of the shoes I got yesterday for the same price and they fit and feel just as good. If you don’t have the money to invest, find what works best in your budget. Getting the right shoe can save you being laid up for several days after injuring yourself because you were wearing the wrong shoe for the job and now you get to be set back in your goal, like I am now.

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