Day 5 Weight

20 Jul

Day 4 Stats

  • 255 Pounds
  • .5 Total Miles Walked
  • 50 Elevated Push-ups
  • 50 Crunches
  • 1 Soda

Not to be discouraged by having no weight loss yet, I have noticed that I feel better. Not so much better than I did three months ago before I had even considered starting any of this, but better than I did Monday when I first started this diet and exercise bit. I might have felt motivated, but I felt like my body was rebelling at the attacks I had set forth to either improve it or kill it in the process, again just how I felt. Today I am still feeling sleepy and kind of in a constant state of being worn out, but I am starting to feel a lot better. The first couple days were the hardest on not reaching for that soda. All I wanted was a Dr Pepper and I was starting to wonder why I wasn’t just getting one, it isn’t like anyone is keeping me from it but me. Today I found myself grabbing the water over the soda, but I did still open up my morning soda this morning, which I didn’t do yesterday. Yesterday I actually didn’t drink one until almost bedtime. After the few I have left are gone, I am not going to buy more for a while, so next week might prove harder than this one we will find out.

Tomorrow and Sunday are my days off from all of this, so I thought, with this being the end of my first week, I should explain a little about why I was motivated to do this all. It didn’t just start because I thought I could do it because I had been able to quit smoking just weeks earlier, but a series of much more important events that quitting smoking really brought out in the end.

I have never really been much on diet and exercise, I don’t think that is much of a secret, although I have thought of it a lot over the years. At my biggest I was 280 pounds, and that was in 2004. I, at the time, got really worried about being so large and worked to lose that weight. At the time I took more temporary actions, some of which I am likely to do in the next few weeks, to get rid of a lot of weight in a short amount of time. This included juicing, a white free diet, no sweets, and so on. Over about a year I got down to about 240 and was happy and resumed my regular lifestyle, maintaining my size and health at that weight and shape. Have done so ever since.

Since a back injury in 2006, I have had occasional pain in my lower back. This is a pain that was thought by more than one doctor to just be scar tissue and muscle tissue damage, and all they could do for me is give me some pain pills for a couple of days and hope I got better. Late last year to earlier this year those pains started to get increasingly more painfully and occurring a lot more often, so my main doctor sent me to get a bunch of x-rays and a MRI done. What was found was that when I injured myself in 2006 I factored a part of a vertebra. They gave me all this technical and medical details and I haven’t found a translator for it all yet, but it comes down to me needing a lot more than a couple of pain killers. Apparently it would move occasionally and it would hurt and that is what has been hurting the six years, but sometime over the last year something changed that, for lack of better terms, knocked it loose. So, now it more floats around and moves how it wants causing a more constant pain.

My weight wasn’t helping matters. My large body puts more weight on my back, making it worse, which makes me less active, which makes me weigh more, which makes it worse. It’s really a horrible circle that was making me fatter, and in more pain at the same time. I end up having to see this neurosurgeon and talking about the options that I have. Two weeks from tomorrow I have my first disk injection, which if that doesn’t work I will be getting scheduled for surgery to have my disk fused. To make matters worse, I quit smoking and started to gain more weight, and there didn’t seem to be anything I could do about it. It came down to a point that I couldn’t get a pair of pants that I have always needed a belt for to buckle, so I went and weighed myself, and was over 160. I had to make a change, this had to be a change that lasted and wasn’t just to maintain a healthy 140.

That is where I am now. Made the choice to do this two weeks ago, set my start a week out, and here I am now. I haven’t really lost any weight yet, but the exercise and changes to a healthier diet are important to get started. I should point out that while I am weighing myself everyday, and plan to start measuring myself next week, I am not doing these as the guide for if I am succeeding or not. I am changing my daily habits and diet, not to lose weight now, but to stay that way later, I’m not trying to lose the weight in the next few weeks and then go back to my mini pizza’s and soda later, I’m trying to find a better healthier way to live, without cutting everything, just what I know I can and should live without, and by doing some of the things I haven’t been doing that I should be doing.

Exercise has been a painful horrible experience for me this week. Between the back pains that don’t like that I am doing it, my shit knees, and injuring my ankles in the process, I have hated the exercising, I just know it will all pay off at some point and so I am going to keep on. I can’t tell you how much I have looked forward to my two days off without any of it though. I thought I was looking forward to weekends with just work, man it looks so much better now.

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