Day 9 Weight

24 Jul

Day 5 Stats

  • .5 Miles Walked
  • 50 Elevated Push-ups
  • 0 Crunches
  • 4 Sodas

This mornings weigh-in: 251

First off, WOW! I don’t understand how all of this stuff works, but the weight just seemed to catch up all of a sudden. There was some difficulties that I was having with my cheapo scale, but I don’t think the solution caused a 4 pound drop in two days. What happened is that I noticed that I could make myself lighter or heavier by moving the scale around, which is when I realized that the tile in my bathroom is uneven. So, I got an unused shelf board and put it under the scale to level out the scale and put it in a very level position in the bathroom on the board. This was only a matter of changes by a couple of pounds at the most though, but I couldn’t believe my weigh-in this morning. It does feel good. I only have to lose four more pounds to reach my two-week goal.

Day 5 looks a little disappointing, but it didn’t feel that way. I just didn’t feel like doing my crunches, and it seems that I decided to drink an extra soda instead. In reality I felt like I was going to hurt myself if I did the crunches, and I ended up lying around a lot that day after work. I don’t know how I got the extra soda in there, but I wasn’t really thinking about it either. I guess it was just old habit. The good thing about it is that it was the last one in the house. For the time being I am not going to get any more to keep around. If I want a soda I have to go buy one, and then it is an individual one not a pack that I can just keep drinking. I did all my walking on Friday inside at work, which was good because I wasn’t going to walk, even a half mile, in 106 degree weather. It’s way too hot outside right now. I was looking at the price of treadmills over my hatred for the heat. I might just have to buy one at some point, but for now I can’t afford one, so I may start walking inside stores or even at the gym when the boys are at their moms.

Moving on to this last weekend. I was right, nothing felt better than taking time from all of this off, but that doesn’t mean I get to decide to quit doing this completely. It means that I have something to look forward to each week. I ate a bit more and didn’t exercise, but I stayed active. Plus, I bought a bunch of healthy foods, so that I can snack as much as I want without fat grams. I also bought a bunch of juices and talked with the kids about the fact that I wont be buying soda regularly anymore. After going to the fridge for a drink this morning, I think I need to talk to them next about not drinking so much of my juice. In the end the weekend went well. I think as long as I used my weekend break, which I decided was two days a week where I could go unreported and not follow any of the rules, I didn’t end up on a twelve pack a day of Dr Pepper well eating solid blocks of sugar filled fat. Really I followed the same ruled with a couple extra bowls of cereal and some PB&J.

Now for those of you that did the math, no I do not get a three-day weekend. Yesterday should have been when I did the stats for Day 5, but if I did that, I wouldn’t have any stats for today, because I didn’t do anything yesterday. Yesterday I woke up and as has happened before, I was in a lot of pain. I have this back issue that I wish would go away, and time to time it really hurts. Yesterday was one of those days were I woke up and it hurt. It’s one of those pains where everything else hurts too because of how bad it hurts. Next week I will be taking a four-day weekend, because I will be getting a disk injection that hopefully helps with the pain, if not making it go away. Depending on the injection we will find out about surgery, and whether or not I need to get a disk fusion right now or not, so that is something that is all starting next week which I will have to work this schedule and everything around.

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