Day 10 Weight

25 Jul

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Day 10 Weigh-in: 251

Not that I have hit a brick wall, but I just couldn’t work out yesterday, and I didn’t have any soda. My reasonings are simple enough. I just didn’t want to hurt myself. With me having to stay off work Monday due to my back hurting real bad, I just didn’t want to make things worse. I didn’t lay around and gorge myself on junk food either. I took my boys for pizza and bread sticks at Hideaway Pizza, and we all had a couple of slices and then I got some things around the house done, but I didn’t do a full work out according to my routine. Just one of those days that I had to take it easy. Hopefully I will be pain-free in eight days and will not have to worry about this anymore.

So really the wrap up is that I am still following the diet, not drinking the soda much, and unfortunately having to put off the exercise for a day or two. Now I am feeling great today, so I will likely start back in on the exercise a little today. I probably wont go back full swing, but ease back into it. Crunches are being left out of the plan completely for now, actually until the end of next week. I am not going to do them at all until I have talked with my surgeon and know that I am not making things worse. What I do want to do is start doing some upper body work with weights. I am going to try to do some of that today.


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2 responses to “Day 10 Weight

  1. ashtonhope

    July 25, 2012 at 15:06

    Keep your head up on your weight loss journey! Definitely be careful with your back. Maybe google some ‘back safe exercises’ to come up with new ideas? Make sure that you keep variety in your diet, as that tends to be a huge downfall for most people. Eating the same thing day after day is not a good road! If you need any ideas, check my page as well. Good luck and I hope your back gets to feeling better!

    • BlaXilver

      July 25, 2012 at 17:23

      Yeah, doing this with the back problems and just coming off smoking, I have often wondered what I did to piss me off so much that I would do this all to myself, but I am easing into it and trying to do what I need to not to seriously hurt myself in the process.

      I do agree about the food, although right now the only part of my diet I have changed is my breakfast and lunch, which consist only of granola bars, veggie juice and fruit juice right now. As boring as those things are to me, at this stage there isn’t anything I like any more than those and for me the repatition is getting me use to them.

      For my snacks and dinners, I will keep this advice in mind though. I will be changing those later on and will need other options, since my healthy food knowledge is slim right now.


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