Day 11 Weight

27 Jul

Day 10 Stats

  • 1.54 Miles Walked

Morning Weigh-in

  • 251lb
  • 17 3/4″ Neck
  • 45″ Waist

Well its been a while since I had my soda in the house. That is the one I really hate, getting thirsty at home and not having a soda to drink. That’s what I want to drink, it’s not like I think to myself “gee water sounds good,” but I will get past that eventually I guess. I have still had a couple when eating out or just when I really felt I wanted one, but when I’m sitting at home and just want one I have to get up and walk to the store, and then I only buy one. I know it still isn’t good for me, but the 1/4 mile walk to get it is harder than going to the fridge, so I don’t want one nearly as often.

As you can see above, I finally got a measuring tape to track this all with. I did the waist measurement all properly around the belly and all, not at all an accurate measurement of the pants I wear, but that is alright. Want to really make yourself feel bad, get a scale and a measuring tape, get a diagram of how to properly measure yourself, then after doing the measurements and weight, look up what the medical world considers over weight on all of that. I think I am just over on every part at my goal weight. I am doing all of this to get myself motivated to get to a point that some people consider over-weight. What kind of crap is that. I would consider myself over-weight now, but I certainly am not more than that. I don’t think I am at least.

When it comes to my exercising, I did start walking yesterday, but still felt crunches, push-ups and weights were too much still with my back pains earlier this week. Very happy to say that the pains from whatever I did to my ankles last week seems to be gone, allowing me to walk my longest since I started this. I did decide to break it up into two workouts. I did .9 miles inside at work, then .64 miles after work outside. While walking inside my left ankle did start hurting a little after just over half a mile, but in never escalated past that. After work I was walking outside, while I prefer walking outside, it was 106 yesterday, so I only walked my 1k trail. I was sweating when I got home like I had run a 5k though. While on that walk I noticed that again my ankles weren’t hurting like they had been after injuring myself last week, but what was annoying me to no end was the ball of my right foot. With the new insoles in the shoes, my feet don’t feel as tight in the shoes and the rubbing of the ball of my foot on the back of the shoe started to get hotter and hotter as I walked. I am going to have to figure out how to tighten those up today before I walk again. I am considering adding a shorter third walk in the mornings at work too. Can’t hurt any, but I need to start wearing proper shoes to work if I am going to keep walking around so much.

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