Day 15 Weight

30 Jul

Day 12 Stats

  • 3.56 Miles Walked

Day 13 Stats

  • .88 Miles Walked
  • Arm Curls 50 Reps @ 10 lbs
  • Chest Press 50 Reps @ 10 lbs
  • Pec Fly 25 Reps @ 10 lbs

Day 14 Stats

  • .87 Miles Walked
  • Arm Curls 50 Reps @ 5 lbs

Morning Weigh-In: 250 lbs

I want to point out first, DAY 12 STATS! 3.56 miles is how long it takes for me to get from my place around the lake and back. I was so excited that I made it around the lake. It took me forever to get around the lake, but I made it. Now, I have been asked how out of shape I really am if I am making such a big deal about walking a mile on past posts, well the simple answer is, very. I fully admit that I am out of shape. In saying that, I have been able to walk more than a mile, just that I don’t do it very fast. In these workouts I have been walking at the quickest pace I can without hurting myself, but I am out of shape. That is kind of the point here. I wouldn’t be posting this stuff otherwise. I will go over my Friday then we will get back to walking.

Friday was fine, I have to say that I was inches away all day from breaking though. I just am not used to all of this. The hunger was getting the best of me. I held out all of that day though. It really isn’t the hunger for food I need, but the hunger for food I want, and I recognize the difference and am not starving myself, but keeping myself from crossing that line from need to want. Friday was really hot and I opted to not walk after work, besides it was my dad’s birthday. I spent time with him and my boys instead. While watching the opening to the summer olympics I repaired the soles to my Nike shoes I found in the apartment that I want to use and wear out, they were expensive shoes after all, and I am becoming a little obsessed with all of this. I think I am projecting some of my smoking and drinking energy to walking and working out.

I got home late, but I knew I could not walk. Even though I am excited about all of this now, I know me. If I stop doing it, I won’t do it. I just need that foot in the door to have the one excuse, then I can work my way in to stopping completely. So I walked around midnight. I don’t really like walking around a dimly lit park at midnight, but it was 107 Friday and I don’t like heat stroke more. My goal was to see if I could get to the first bridge. IfI could get to the lake, then to the first bridge and back, that would be 2 miles. I was going for my record of longest walk in this last month. There were several times I just wanted to give up, but all of them were because of reasons I knew I shouldn’t. Elevated breathing and heart rate were my top reasons, but I know those are good things when working out. Then the boredom, I really need to walk with someone on the longer walks. When I got to the first bridge I noticed that I wasn’t really hurting, there was some soreness in my right calf and in my left ankle, but not the pain I had been waiting for knowing that if it showed up again I had over done it again and it was going to be a long walk home. I decided that if I wasn’t in any pain, I could go father, so I got to the second bridge. I just kept going, knowing in the back of my mind that I really should just turn around, like my subconscious was screaming it at me for almost a mile. I got to the road when I finally took my phone out to look at my app to see how far I had gone and realized I was at the point of now return. If I was to turn around, it would be no closer than going all the way around.

The feeling I got knowing that I had just made it that far was almost overwhelming, and I knew that I had to keep going. Besides, if I turned around what would be the point. I spent a good amount of time thinking about when I might feel that pain, if the pain would come hard enough that I wouldn’t be able to finish, if I would just hit a wall and have to call for a ride, how embarrassed I would be if I had to do that, if the pain started could I make it home. Then I got to my half way point for my 1 mile walks and realized that I was only half a mile from home and there was none of that pain. The soreness in the calf and ankle were still there and I had developed a blister on my big toe along the way that was hurting, but the pain keeping me from walking before was not coming back. I could see my street, I knew how long it took to walk there from where I was, and I just got a new burst of energy and excitement. When I got home I was thrilled about the fact that I had made it. I couldn’t believe I had done it. Just over a week earlier I had hurt myself walking a quick 1K and I had just walked over 3 miles without an issue. Really excited. Felt great.

Saturday and Sunday are supposed to be my days off, but I did work out both days. I just felt so lazy sitting around the house all day when I am working so hard to be active. I didn’t get anything done either day, except the dishes. So Saturday I decided to start trying to use free weights again. I own free weights, but it has been a really, really, long time since I have tried to exercise with them. So I did the exercises that I listed above. I felt really good afterwards too. I put it in my mind that I was going to do this everyday, although I decided that I needed to drop to 5 lbs and doing more sets at the same reps. I am not trying to build muscle but lose weight, and there is a difference in how you work out doing that. I decided that is what I was going to do, but I woke up Sunday in pain. Every muscle I worked out Saturday is still sore today. 10 lbs is nowhere near what I lifted on any of those 6 years ago when I did this regularly. Like I said earlier, out of shape I am. So, as soon as this horrible pain goes away, I will be doing same amount of reps with less weight and more sets spread apart. Maybe a set before and after I walk.

A did still have to walk late at night Saturday and Sunday, and I will have to the rest of this week. I simply will not walk in the sun when it is over 100 degrees out. After 3 miles I was thirsty and out of it, I couldn’t add hot to that list. I am not a heat fan as it is. What I did do over the weekend was binge drink on Dr Pepper. I felt great and horrible at the same time, but I guess it happens. After that I came up with a 1K route to the nearest convenance store. I decided that I will not keep myself from drinking soda, but I can only buy one at a time, and I have to take that route, on foot, to go buy one. So, I can drink 10 a day, but I have to walk a kilometer for each one I drink. For now, it is a great compromise, even though it may not be the best long-term.

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