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August 31

I am sore today. I think I pulled something in my left foot yesterday, and I have blisters on both feet. The pain in my left foot has nothing to do with the distance I walked yesterday, simply because it started hurting at the beginning of my walk. It didn’t hurt all day, then suddenly I’m starting my walk and this pain starts. It’s kind of sharp pain on the outside middle of my foot. Don’t know what it is, since I can’t remember this ever happening before.

The blisters on the other hand I think are from not tightening my laces real good, and then walking so far. Speaking of which, I reached my goal yesterday. At an average pace of 17’59″/mile I walked 4.71 miles, or 7.5k. The new goal is to continue my 3.5 mile walks and match the 7.5k twice next week. Then the following week to walk at least one 10k stretch. 11.5k will be twice around the lake, so that might be the actual distance I go for on the 10k attempt. I don’t know why I call it an attempt, once I get on the other side of the lake I either complete it or rest and then complete it. I live alone, walk alone and have no idea who I would possibly call if I was to decide I couldn’t make it. I either go for it or I don’t at this point.

While I didn’t eat great yesterday, I did come out positive on my calories, today I hope to come in a little more positive. I just need to not eat so horribly, or just in smaller portions. Fast food is so bad for you, but so easy on an hour lunch. I need to either spend more going to a sub shop or something, eat at home, or not eat lunch. I can’t have a 1000 calorie, high fat meal, and expect to lose more weight. I am at that point that the water weight is gone and I am not just going to drop pounds by sweating and moving around, I will either maintain my weight or start losing based on my choices now.

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August 30

Great day today, I feel good. Yesterday I did as I said and got back out there walking. Now, I did get about to half a mile and had the strong feeling to turn around, but I fought it, and ended up going the full 3.5 miles. Today I have notice that I have no pain in my ankles or knees and that is new and great after that long of a walk. I am going to try to do it every day now instead of just a couple of times a week because of that, and maybe even push to go a little farther a couple of times a week. The only real problem I think I am running into is the limited speed because of my knees. Not to a point where I can run, and longer distance walking is limited because I have other things to do and can’t just walk all day. I am trying to walk faster. I am at an average pace of 18’30″/ml as of last night. I would like to see a four mile walk at an average around 16’/ml.

Eating is not the best. I have not gotten back to eating like I started out, but I think I jumped into the eating thing too quickly. I am following a plan with the doc and trying to just eat some of the same things, but stay with in the calorie and sugar levels I have set for my daily limits, which I track on, and slowly integrate better foods and slowly get rid of the ones that aren’t as good for me. All while taking all these vitamins and doing these health checks and not doing anything to further hurt my back or have the malnutrition blackouts I had a lot of ten years ago.

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Wednesday, August 29th

I weighed in this morning at 250. I am not too far off where I would like to be. I am trying to get back on track today. I am drinking this coke that I brought with me, then I am having water until dinner. I am out of juice and money to by more with, so the juice diet will have to wait until this weekend to resume, but I don’t plan to eat horrible food until then. I am going to eat up the oatmeal, rice and noodles I have left in the kitchen. I might have a little sugar on my oatmeal.

Anyway, this is a quick check in today, but I am not gone.

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It’s Been a Hard Couple Weeks for Exercise

Over the last couple weeks I have proven that I can easily put off working out and eating right. Not that I just don’t care about doing either, I actually feel really bad about not keeping up with them, but I just didn’t fight not doing them either. It seems that it is a lot easier for me to keep at it at home alone, but when it becomes an option around others, I just opt out.

It all really started with my parents 35th anniversary party. I looked at the table full of food that I wasn’t suppose to eat and thought to myself that this was a special occasion and I shouldn’t worry so much about it today. From there it was like I had a junk food high that I had to keep feeding for a couple of days. A time in which I couldn’t exercise either, due to restrictions from my doctor due to some added pain I was having. Then when I got to a point that I should have been back out there and eating right, I went on vacation with my family, and did nothing that I should have done. I just told myself I was on vacation, so I should enjoy myself, and that banana pie, it has bananas in it. I think sometimes it should just count if the fruit is in it.

It wasn’t a complete waste, I did go for a couple of walks, and was really excited to have tracked one of them on nike+ in a different state and city. I just didn’t walk nearly as much as I should have, or stay anywhere close to my diet plan. I also did quite a bit of walking in the heat, while sightseeing and shopping, which I know doesn’t completely count, but it is better than lying around, and I only did that the last couple days last week. I did gain a few pounds that I had lost, and was even scared this morning to even weigh in for this post. I know if I had I would have been too disappointed and it would discourage me to keep going. My current plan has me walking 2 miles a day for the next five days to make up the time and finish my walking goal which ends in 5 days. It was set for me to walk .8 miles/5 days a week, and I have fallen far enough behind that I have to do 2 a day to make it up in time. I am thinking of setting my new goal at 1.5 miles or 3k a day/5 days a week for the next 8 weeks, I really have to stick to it to get there though. I am really going to have to buckle down this week and get back on track, I’ve been lazy and need to make up for it.

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What a tomato did for me this week

Now I never thought I would be effected by a tomato without eating one, but it seems I could be. Last month I started adding pictures to my posts to make my site look a little better. In a post entitled “My Body Hates Me” I added a picture of a tomato. I don’t really know why I choose to use a tomato and not a carrot or another healthy food, but that was what I found and used. didn’t think anything of it, I just needed a picture.

Now I had forgotten about the tomato, who thinks about a tomato much less a picture of one? That is, until this week started. Now a quick background on my site. I do not have a huge following of people who read this, I honestly don’t think a single friend I talk to in real life reads this stuff. I have a few people who seem to read on occasion, but I don’t really have many of them either. I’d say, when making regular updates, I get an average of 5 or 6 views a day, and some of those even are odd offshoot clicks from the “more like this” at the bottom of someone elses post, which is never like this, or from a random google search that happened to match some wording. Well, that is until last Saturday, when those numbers jumped to 37 views that day and increased each day, until yesterday when it topped out as my busiest day ever at 98 views.

I usually don’t like to look at the view details. I will get on and see that I have at least one or two views each day, and it gives me kind of an ego boost to see that and I am happy, I don’t need to crush that by seeing that I used a keyword a couple of times and got on the fifth page of an extended google search and the views were just from two people with enough time to waste to click five pages deep in a google search, on something that had nothing to do with what they were searching for other than one keyword, which likely means they didn’t read what I had actually written. So, I am better off just getting the ego boost and going on and not destroying it with things like facts, but with 98 views I just had to know, and I was confused and amused by what I found.

I found a tomato, or at least a picture of one. I picture that I couldn’t tell you were I got it myself to safe my life. I don’t know where the tomato came from, I just had it, so I used it. anything special, not really, just the size of the picture I needed. I named it “tomato“, no special or funny names for the picture, didn’t even identify it clearly, as I think I will not need too many pictures of tomatoes in my future. Although my uses for it don’t really matter here, since it is the tomato that is getting the attention. It would seem that if you, as of today, go to google and image search for “tomato” you will find that the third picture found is my tomato.

At first I thought this was pretty cool, but after thinking about it I realize something; my tomato is more popular than I am, and mostly in India for some reason. More people have clicked on my tomato this week than have read my site this year. Man is that a shot to my ego, although I could turn this around, maybe I just need to add more pictures of basic objects and pretend like all increased views are for me. That I think is the real answer, falsifying views in order to lie to my ego so that I will feel better about me, I like that.

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August 16

There really isn’t a lot to say about my stuff today. I pretty much didn’t do much yesterday. It was another day of not feeling well, so I didn’t get any real exercise in to report, but I also didn’t go over on my eating, mostly because I couldn’t eat much and I didn’t feel good. I did finally weigh myself this morning and am very glad to report that I didn’t gain any weight over my break, I didn’t lose any either, but I am glad that I didn’t gain. I am thinking of getting a new scale. The one I have, that you can see in all my weight posts, is one that I bought to just have one in the bathroom. It was the cheapest at Wal-Mart and wasn’t bought for its great accuracy. I think I should look into a digital one, or at least one that has a more exact and easy to read, read out.

What I did find on my break is that it is really easy for me to fall right back into the Pepper addiction. I wish I could find a better balance than not drinking what I want which is bad for me, or drinking only it. I guess I am just to easily pressed to extremes to make that easy. I know that if I do not find a healthy balance, that I am going to just have to eliminate soda completely for good, which I really don’t want to do but am willing to do for a diet on a shorter term, but I also can’t allow myself to work against a longer term goal of keeping the weight off. I will figure it all out.

I have been working on a few things though. At the top of the page there is a new link to “weights and measurements.” After all every book needs those at the back, don’t they? I actually got the idea when Pasha from sent me a message. I saw it on her site and thought that would be a great idea. It does make things easy. Even if I do not get up to writing something I can still check in my weigh-ins and monthly measurements. I put up some of my past weigh ins to get it started and a ticker from my myfitnesspal, but I am still working on how I want it to look, and it will likely change but still update everyday. After all, my blog here wasn’t started as a fitness blog and when I get past this more I will likely start posting more about other stuff again and it would just be odd to post my weight before talking about websites I like or talking about random thoughts I’ve had. I have also thought of some other ideas, not all fitness related, to add to my site here, but for now this will do fine.

Maybe in the next couple of days I will have more to report, and maybe a walk or two to put down. I am going to be going out-of-town on vacation next week, and I am excited to get some recorded walks away from my apartment in.

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August 15

I am not labeling between goals anymore, just one post a day to cover them all. Just a small change since all of my goals have been reduced so much, not because they have changed in importance, but because I have reached them and gotten over the hardest parts.

I did not weigh in this morning, this is the first day back from my break, which felt great btw. I spent one day not thinking about any of this, which was great, than the weekend just hanging around feeling sore and lazy from all my back bs that I wish would go away, then Monday and Tuesday sick physically sick from pain and lack of sleep caused by pain, and had to go see my doc to make changes. out of all of it the best part was the comments that she made about me loosing weight and the reaction she had to me not smoking. She got my meds changed and got me back on track with my back pains to not interrupt my live completely, and now I am back to here. Still feeling sick, but its an odd sick, like when you eat too much candy or ice cream, without the candy and ice cream. Cold sweats and headaches, but it has been getting better over the last couple days. Just a little bit more easing in so I don’t get so frustrated and burn myself out at the start is all I need. The break does wonders. I like taking breaks, it’s almost my best motivator for doing anything to start with, the fact that I will get to take a break from it at some point.

Truth is, I was down, felt bad, and had everything kind of catching up to me. I needed the break and now I am ready to start back in. Today I will start walking again, although I am still sick, throwing up and all, I am not going to worry too much about food today, it’s just going to come back up anyway.

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