Day 17

01 Aug

Day 16 Stats

  • 1.68km

Weigh-In: 250

You might notice I switched to km on my walking distance. I do not know why that I recorded yesterdays walk that way, but I do like it. The higher number just makes me feel better about it. I know it was still just over a mile, but it was almost two km which does make me happier for some odd reason.

Anyway, I got that first feeling of trying to just straight talk myself out of walking yesterday. I’ve had reasons I couldn’t walk, or had to take breaks up to now, but yesterday was the first time I sat on the couch and had that conversation in my mind on whether or not I should just skip the walk. I felt that wall where you just wonder if you can even do this, and keep it up, or if you will fail anyway so you might as well just get the soda and pop in the mini pizza and watch a movie instead, but I didn’t give in. It was one of the harder walks for me though. Just forcing myself to change into the walking pants and get out the door. My shoes felt heavier and the distance looked longer. I knew I couldn’t slip into that, I can’t let myself give up. A lifetime of mini pizza, chocolate, soda, and tv is hard to switch to power bars, water and 5k walks. Although my next goal is to walk around the lake and walk down each of the peninsulas that go out onto the lake, which adds over a mile to the total walk, I might actually try that one tonight.

The pain in my arms is starting to let up, so I am going to do some of the weight exercise again tonight. I will be starting out with a 10lb rep set before walking, then 5lb after. say 10 reps per set with the 10’s then 20 with the 5’s. I may not be able to do that many with my arms hurting still, but I need try to do something. I don’t want to lose weight and be flabby.

Tomorrow I go in for my first lower back disk injection. Doesn’t that sound like fun? This is supposed to make everything better, or tell the doc that I need back surgery. So, I will be doing that. Point is, I will not be able to walk tomorrow, or really much of anything. I don’t think they let you bring free weights to a hospital room, so I will be posting, but any walking I do, I am going to have to take it easy for a few days. Upside, I will be able to walk farther, with less pain, if this works. It could really kick-start me being able to get in shape, which will in turn make my back stronger and naturally reduce some of the pain, so I am hopeful that this does the trick.

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One response to “Day 17

  1. L @ Trying Not to be Fat

    August 1, 2012 at 17:03

    Great job on going on the walk regardless! It DOES get easier, you just gave to be patient!


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