Monday, August 6 – Weight

06 Aug


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The whole counting days thing was fun for a while, but as the days get higher numbers, I have to do some counting, and it just fell apart as something fun to do. So, we have moved on to dates, that should be fun.

I have some walking things to track but wasn’t sure where to insert them, the last few days have been horrid for me in figuring all that out. On Wednesday I walked just over 4 miles. I am still not sure why. I knew that I was going to have the back procedure on Thursday, so I went out for a walk at bedtime. I just wanted to get a quick walk in just incase I couldn’t walk for the whole weekend. I went for this around the neighborhood walk, but every time I got back to where I would stop at my place I just kept walking to the next neighborhood, until I had walked half a mile from my house and back in four directions. A total of 6.5km, and it felt great. I just felt like a walking and I kept on going. I think I would have gone further if I hadn’t noticed the time and realized that I had to be in bed early for the procedure in the morning. I wish every walk felt like that one, but normally I have to force myself into one forth of that. I did wonder if one of my bedtime meds might have helped in that. I had taken my meds, that I normally take at bedtime, when I decided to go on the walk real quick, but they have never made me want to stay active before.

The procedure went well. I had a discoscopy done. This is where they inject dye into your spinal disks to a specified pressure amount to see what happens, knowing the whole time that it causes a great amount of pain to the person they are doing it too. I might sound cynical about it, but that is just a simplified way of saying exactly what they do. It hurts, its uncomfortable, and they don’t even seem to try to sugar coat it. They know it is going to suck and tell you so up front and while walking you through what they are going to be doing. After this, I had to stay in bed for the rest of Thursday and Friday. I didn’t have to stay in bed Saturday, but I was sore enough by then that I wanted to. The results of the test was important though, it reconfirmed that I need surgery, just don’t know when that will be happening.

The worst part about all of this was the food, or should I say the best part about all of this was the food. If you want to break your diet, hurt yourself and have to rely on others to bring you food for a few days. Hamburgers and soda and buttery wonderful snack things. I would have loved be on that diet for a long time longer, but I think I would have gained more than a pound back if I had for more than the few days I was doing it. It was nice to have food at all though, and nice enough friends and family to bring me that food. When I have the surgery, it will be nice to eat, even if I have to break my diet for that time period. Eat what I can get.

Saturday evening I tried to walk, but I only got a mile before turning around because of lower back pain and how hot it was out. It has been really hot, and I wasn’t risking swelling on Saturday and being too far out. I will start my daily exercises today, and we will see what happens. Today, I start everything back and hopefully will get right back on track to loose that 50lbs I have left to loose.

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