Tuesday, August 7 – Weight

07 Aug

Aug 6th Stats

  • 5.51 km Walked
  • Pec Fly 1 set 10 reps at 10 lbs
  • Curl 1 set 10 reps at 10 lbs
  • Chest Press 1 set 10 reps at 10 lbs

Weigh In

  • 249 lbs

As you can tell, I got back out there yesterday. I would love to say it felt great to get back out and really walk, but it didn’t. It would be more truthfully stated that it hurt like hell, and I don’t ever want to do it again, but I will later today anyway. I think that walking around town is actually better for me than a treadmill, since I can’t just give up, I would still have to double back to get home. I also started introducing the weights in again. It felt fine, of course it felt fine last time, it was the next morning that hurt. I can say there seems to be no soreness. Right now I only have the 10 lb weights, but I will eventually buy work out stuff and be able to do more, or I might break down and go to a gym, I do have a free membership with my job, but have never been there. I just have never been a fan of the people who are at gyms. 10 lbs is enough for right now in free weight, but I will need to either buy a couple of steps up, or start going to the gym at some point, and from what I can tell, after you get past 10 lbs things start getting expensive.

When it comes to walking, I do not have a problem with how long it takes, I think I am just getting bored. I would love to have someone to talk to while walking. Maybe even if I could get someone to go with me. I have found people who will go for shorter walks with me, but for one reason or another either can’t or don’t want to go the full 3 miles I am trying to walk each day. I know that last week I was all worried about my procedure and was talking things out in my head and trying to figure some stuff out, and I ended up walking over 4 miles and didn’t even think much about it. That is a whole mile over what I am trying to do each day, and I usually have to constantly tell myself that it will just be a little farther to get past those. I think if I had someone doing this with me I just wouldn’t be so bored and it would make things a lot easier.

Today I start the first of my juice fasting. I have read a lot over the years about whether juice fasting is good for loosing weight, or if it is healthy or not, and I really don’t care. I do think those people who go on 100 day juice fasts need to get a life. Eat some solid food, it won’t kill you. I like to go on a juice fast a few weeks into a serious diet like this to help level me out and clean out my system, and it will do that. I am using it as my first step to changing my diet. A one week juice fast, then I will slowly add solid, healthier, foods into my diet.

For those of you that do not know what I am even talking about with juice fasting, I will explain. There are different theories on how to do this and what the best methods are, but I will give you the way I do this and how it works for me. Basically juice fasting is a liquid diet. I will be drinking water all day, then in place of breakfast, lunch and dinner, I will only be drinking juice. As I do it, I am allowed however much juice as I want during a meal, but I only drink water between meals. I drink a citrus fruit juice for breakfast, usually a vegetable juice for lunch, and vegetable juice with maybe some apple juice for dinner. At night I will allow myself a small glass of apple juice for a snack. You essentially are putting yourself on a vegetarian, all fruit and vegetable diet, but only in liquid form. I do not like making my own juice, I buy pre-mixed or concentrated juices, but if you can afford to, and don’t mind doing it, fresh juices are much better.

It is very important that you get both vegetable and fruit in your diet while doing this, as well as taking at least a daily vitamin. If your diet is drastically different, like mine has been, this can also be a real shock to your system, and because of that you need to pay attention to what your body is telling you. I already started this diet with my orange juice breakfast this morning, and I feel fine now, but if I start to feel weak later today, I might cut my walk back, or just take it easy while my body adjusts. If it gets worse and my body is telling me that, then I might break down and eat a powerbar or a bowl of cereal. It won’t matter how much you weigh if you die getting there. Just make sure, if you try any diet that is a drastic change like this to what you are used to, to look and make yourself aware of the difference between the shock to the change and your body shutting down. People that are already eating pretty healthy or even vegetarians, would find this a much easier change, and a good way to occasionally clean out their system.

I do have to go buy some more juice though. I started this then realized that I didn’t have a lot of juice in the house. I guess I have to go get some after work.

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