Quick Smoking Update

08 Aug

At day 37 without a real cigarette, I have yet to break from using an electic cigarette in that time. I think it is about time to stop those too. I had decided to not quit those, but I also had it in mind that I wouldn’t be stuck to them as tightly as real cigarettes. I was more hoping that there would be a point that I would get to where I would use one occasionally, but have found myself using them more constantly. I think the best thing now is to break it completely. Get rid of the nicotine completely and move on to just being. The hardest part about that is the boredom I already feel thinking about it, and I haven’t even started yet.

Even though I have done the hard part and quit smoking, since quitting nicotine isn’t just hard it can be very stressful on your body, I decided to consult my doctor at this point. With me being on this juice diet, with recent changes to meds and vitamins the doc has me on, and with changes in my exercise, I decided it best to ask her. She put me back on Chantix. While this helped me in a past attempt to quit smoking, I never quit using it, but I have decided to use it again. If nothing else, it helps, and that is what I really need. My biggest problem is that the friend that quit smoking with me, is not only not going to quit the ecigs, he has started becoming quite obsessed with the world of vaping, and has even started in on custom batteries and such. He isn’t going to be a lot of help this time around. He has become exactly what I am hoping to avoid and just substituted smoking and a need to obsess over something, with ecigs.

Anyway, I have set my goals based on scheduling and meds. I will start taking the Chantix tomorrow, then on the 17th I will start weaning off the best I can. I know from past experience that just shutting it off one day just doesn’t work with me on these things. Then I am setting my quit date as the 25th. If I go a full day before the 25th, that will become my new quit date. I am not going to do what I did with smoking and junk food and say that I want to run out of what I have first. Fact is, the supplies for vaping are pretty cheap and I just bought some. It would be quite a while before I quit if that is what I did. Also there is the fact that the expense really goes into hardware parts that you really get use to and somewhat attached to. The best thing for me to do is set the date and give everything I have to my friend that will get plenty of use from it.


I have to update this a little. After I wrote this I realized that I was looking at the wrong dates on my calender. My vacation is the week that I have set to start quitting, and I know that I will not follow through with this if I attempt it that week. So, I am pushing these dates back by a couple of weeks. I will start taking the meds on the 20th, then start reducing on the 27th then my final quit date is September 3rd.


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2 responses to “Quick Smoking Update

  1. Productive Week

    August 9, 2012 at 09:44

    That’s awesome that you’ve decided to quit smoking ecigs too! I believe that you’ll manage to do that. Wish you the best of luck!


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