August 15

15 Aug

I am not labeling between goals anymore, just one post a day to cover them all. Just a small change since all of my goals have been reduced so much, not because they have changed in importance, but because I have reached them and gotten over the hardest parts.

I did not weigh in this morning, this is the first day back from my break, which felt great btw. I spent one day not thinking about any of this, which was great, than the weekend just hanging around feeling sore and lazy from all my back bs that I wish would go away, then Monday and Tuesday sick physically sick from pain and lack of sleep caused by pain, and had to go see my doc to make changes. out of all of it the best part was the comments that she made about me loosing weight and the reaction she had to me not smoking. She got my meds changed and got me back on track with my back pains to not interrupt my live completely, and now I am back to here. Still feeling sick, but its an odd sick, like when you eat too much candy or ice cream, without the candy and ice cream. Cold sweats and headaches, but it has been getting better over the last couple days. Just a little bit more easing in so I don’t get so frustrated and burn myself out at the start is all I need. The break does wonders. I like taking breaks, it’s almost my best motivator for doing anything to start with, the fact that I will get to take a break from it at some point.

Truth is, I was down, felt bad, and had everything kind of catching up to me. I needed the break and now I am ready to start back in. Today I will start walking again, although I am still sick, throwing up and all, I am not going to worry too much about food today, it’s just going to come back up anyway.

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