What a tomato did for me this week

17 Aug

Now I never thought I would be effected by a tomato without eating one, but it seems I could be. Last month I started adding pictures to my posts to make my site look a little better. In a post entitled “My Body Hates Me” I added a picture of a tomato. I don’t really know why I choose to use a tomato and not a carrot or another healthy food, but that was what I found and used. didn’t think anything of it, I just needed a picture.

Now I had forgotten about the tomato, who thinks about a tomato much less a picture of one? That is, until this week started. Now a quick background on my site. I do not have a huge following of people who read this, I honestly don’t think a single friend I talk to in real life reads this stuff. I have a few people who seem to read on occasion, but I don’t really have many of them either. I’d say, when making regular updates, I get an average of 5 or 6 views a day, and some of those even are odd offshoot clicks from the “more like this” at the bottom of someone elses post, which is never like this, or from a random google search that happened to match some wording. Well, that is until last Saturday, when those numbers jumped to 37 views that day and increased each day, until yesterday when it topped out as my busiest day ever at 98 views.

I usually don’t like to look at the view details. I will get on and see that I have at least one or two views each day, and it gives me kind of an ego boost to see that and I am happy, I don’t need to crush that by seeing that I used a keyword a couple of times and got on the fifth page of an extended google search and the views were just from two people with enough time to waste to click five pages deep in a google search, on something that had nothing to do with what they were searching for other than one keyword, which likely means they didn’t read what I had actually written. So, I am better off just getting the ego boost and going on and not destroying it with things like facts, but with 98 views I just had to know, and I was confused and amused by what I found.

I found a tomato, or at least a picture of one. I picture that I couldn’t tell you were I got it myself to safe my life. I don’t know where the tomato came from, I just had it, so I used it. anything special, not really, just the size of the picture I needed. I named it “tomato“, no special or funny names for the picture, didn’t even identify it clearly, as I think I will not need too many pictures of tomatoes in my future. Although my uses for it don’t really matter here, since it is the tomato that is getting the attention. It would seem that if you, as of today, go to google and image search for “tomato” you will find that the third picture found is my tomato.

At first I thought this was pretty cool, but after thinking about it I realize something; my tomato is more popular than I am, and mostly in India for some reason. More people have clicked on my tomato this week than have read my site this year. Man is that a shot to my ego, although I could turn this around, maybe I just need to add more pictures of basic objects and pretend like all increased views are for me. That I think is the real answer, falsifying views in order to lie to my ego so that I will feel better about me, I like that.

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  1. dissertations online

    August 24, 2012 at 08:18

    This is a very much tasty vegetable indeed! And it is a very much nutricious too


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