It’s Been a Hard Couple Weeks for Exercise

28 Aug

Over the last couple weeks I have proven that I can easily put off working out and eating right. Not that I just don’t care about doing either, I actually feel really bad about not keeping up with them, but I just didn’t fight not doing them either. It seems that it is a lot easier for me to keep at it at home alone, but when it becomes an option around others, I just opt out.

It all really started with my parents 35th anniversary party. I looked at the table full of food that I wasn’t suppose to eat and thought to myself that this was a special occasion and I shouldn’t worry so much about it today. From there it was like I had a junk food high that I had to keep feeding for a couple of days. A time in which I couldn’t exercise either, due to restrictions from my doctor due to some added pain I was having. Then when I got to a point that I should have been back out there and eating right, I went on vacation with my family, and did nothing that I should have done. I just told myself I was on vacation, so I should enjoy myself, and that banana pie, it has bananas in it. I think sometimes it should just count if the fruit is in it.

It wasn’t a complete waste, I did go for a couple of walks, and was really excited to have tracked one of them on nike+ in a different state and city. I just didn’t walk nearly as much as I should have, or stay anywhere close to my diet plan. I also did quite a bit of walking in the heat, while sightseeing and shopping, which I know doesn’t completely count, but it is better than lying around, and I only did that the last couple days last week. I did gain a few pounds that I had lost, and was even scared this morning to even weigh in for this post. I know if I had I would have been too disappointed and it would discourage me to keep going. My current plan has me walking 2 miles a day for the next five days to make up the time and finish my walking goal which ends in 5 days. It was set for me to walk .8 miles/5 days a week, and I have fallen far enough behind that I have to do 2 a day to make it up in time. I am thinking of setting my new goal at 1.5 miles or 3k a day/5 days a week for the next 8 weeks, I really have to stick to it to get there though. I am really going to have to buckle down this week and get back on track, I’ve been lazy and need to make up for it.

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