August 30

30 Aug

Great day today, I feel good. Yesterday I did as I said and got back out there walking. Now, I did get about to half a mile and had the strong feeling to turn around, but I fought it, and ended up going the full 3.5 miles. Today I have notice that I have no pain in my ankles or knees and that is new and great after that long of a walk. I am going to try to do it every day now instead of just a couple of times a week because of that, and maybe even push to go a little farther a couple of times a week. The only real problem I think I am running into is the limited speed because of my knees. Not to a point where I can run, and longer distance walking is limited because I have other things to do and can’t just walk all day. I am trying to walk faster. I am at an average pace of 18’30″/ml as of last night. I would like to see a four mile walk at an average around 16’/ml.

Eating is not the best. I have not gotten back to eating like I started out, but I think I jumped into the eating thing too quickly. I am following a plan with the doc and trying to just eat some of the same things, but stay with in the calorie and sugar levels I have set for my daily limits, which I track on, and slowly integrate better foods and slowly get rid of the ones that aren’t as good for me. All while taking all these vitamins and doing these health checks and not doing anything to further hurt my back or have the malnutrition blackouts I had a lot of ten years ago.

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