August 31

31 Aug

I am sore today. I think I pulled something in my left foot yesterday, and I have blisters on both feet. The pain in my left foot has nothing to do with the distance I walked yesterday, simply because it started hurting at the beginning of my walk. It didn’t hurt all day, then suddenly I’m starting my walk and this pain starts. It’s kind of sharp pain on the outside middle of my foot. Don’t know what it is, since I can’t remember this ever happening before.

The blisters on the other hand I think are from not tightening my laces real good, and then walking so far. Speaking of which, I reached my goal yesterday. At an average pace of 17’59″/mile I walked 4.71 miles, or 7.5k. The new goal is to continue my 3.5 mile walks and match the 7.5k twice next week. Then the following week to walk at least one 10k stretch. 11.5k will be twice around the lake, so that might be the actual distance I go for on the 10k attempt. I don’t know why I call it an attempt, once I get on the other side of the lake I either complete it or rest and then complete it. I live alone, walk alone and have no idea who I would possibly call if I was to decide I couldn’t make it. I either go for it or I don’t at this point.

While I didn’t eat great yesterday, I did come out positive on my calories, today I hope to come in a little more positive. I just need to not eat so horribly, or just in smaller portions. Fast food is so bad for you, but so easy on an hour lunch. I need to either spend more going to a sub shop or something, eat at home, or not eat lunch. I can’t have a 1000 calorie, high fat meal, and expect to lose more weight. I am at that point that the water weight is gone and I am not just going to drop pounds by sweating and moving around, I will either maintain my weight or start losing based on my choices now.

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